spiralstaircaseMany of my clients share that they have this big thing they feel they are called to do in the world. They think they have gifts. They want more fulfillment in their lives. They are experiencing exactly the longing that I knew for so many years before I began living a life of Significance and Success.

There was a time when I wasn’t even sure what I wanted was possible. I was caught up in all my obligations and responsibilities and all the roles I was playing, and it didn’t occur to me, yet, that I had created it. All of it. All the busyness in my life? I had created it myself. And then I used it as an excuse not to have what I wanted, be what I wanted and do what I wanted.

What I want to share with you today is that it all starts with making a Decision. Yep, you make a Decision to create Change. You DECIDE to move forward. Those first few steps in this direction can feel like wading in quicksand, but stay with it.

Imagine you are suddenly changing course and turning a huge ship or a giant jet plane in a new direction. As you build momentum, you are uplifted into a new energy, and everything begins to move in your favor. The key is, you have to take the first step. Before everything shows up!

This is where a lot of my clients get tripped up. Because they are waiting. Waiting for better timing, more money, more security in a relationship, closure in a situation, and any number of things they perceive need attention. We’re talking about your WHOLE life here, and all those things will get addressed once you start moving. In fact, a lot of it will begin to take care of itself in what feels like a very natural way. It will move with you.

It drives me crazy to see my clients and students and potential clients and students stuck HERE, in this place. Nothing happens here. Except that it eats away at you.

The best time is always NOW. You hear it. So why don’t you believe it? What are you afraid of?

Now, What are YOU meant to take out into the world today?

Those are the two aspects competing for your time, energy and resources. They are battling for it. Which one wins? Whichever one you feed.

Energy never stands still. You are ALWAYS either moving towards or away from what you Desire. You make a Decision, even with your indecision and inaction. You make a Decision to put off your highest good, to turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to what is calling you to come forth. You are here for a Purpose. You are a part of the plan. The life of your dreams, a life you love that supports you, is within reach. YOU have to create it. Every day. Consistently, boldly, relentlessly.

It all starts when you Make A Decision, the first step in my M.O.V.E. process for moving forward in any area of your life.

What Decision can you make for your Highest Good today?

How can I support you?

About Michelle Barr:

Michelle Barr is The Sacred Success Coach and the Creator of the Sacred Success Coaching Program. As an Intuitive, Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Empath and Spiritual Entrepreneur, she is devoted to helping Change Agents, Healers, Coaches and Spiritual Entrepreneurs to step into who they are and take that out into the world. Her passion is to get people out into the world using their gifts, creating a life they love that supports them, and responding to their Highest Good in all areas of their lives.

Michelle shares her journey with others as a Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Intuitive, Speaker and Author.

Michelle teaches you how to Master the Art of Taking Action from an Empowered and Intuitive Place. Through her programs, products and services, she shows you how to use your two most important tools – your energy and your intuition – in your everyday life for your ultimate benefit. She helps you to Unleash Your Magic!– Master It. Monetize It. Market It. – and Move Forward Into a Life of Significance and Success, which she calls Sacred Success.

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