You’ll master the 3 crucial components of creating what you need, want, and desire right now that are essential for you to move from surviving to thriving, into prosperity and abundance, and finding the freedom you are seeking, no matter the state of your life in this moment. These are not just theories, but practical, actionable steps alongside clear energetic guidelines you can apply immediately.

The Get What You Want Now Master Class

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Learn my proven manifesting process to not just meet but exceed your life and business goals and desires in 2024, regardless of your current challenges and circumstances.
Discover how to stay in alignment, work with yourself rather than against yourself, and create success to get what you want now.


What You Will Learn in This FREE MASTERCLASS:

The First Step: Decide What You Desire

Do you trust your desires? I do. In the challenges, struggles, and every day stressful living, you can easily lose touch with your desires. When this happens, you often start making decisions and choices based on what others think you should, shouldn’t, can, and can’t do, be, and have, and according to what others need you to be and not be, to do and not do, and to have or not. This is all about making yourself small instead of your highest and best YOU. I am all about learning to take inspired, aligned action, and it has served me so well, because there are always those who wait it out and see, thinking what they need will come to them and then they will do their part, and those who take the first step and watch all manner of opportunities and resources rush in to meet them.

Discover what is your part and what is the Universe’s part and begin implementing my M.O.V.E. process to get what you want now.

The Plan and The Tools

A true plan goes beyond wishful thinking. I always say, hope is not a plan. It involves getting focused, clear, centered, and grounded and preparing both strategically and energetically. This is exactly what I teach my clients to do and am going to teach you to do in this masterclass.

Learn some of my go-to tools and processes for creating all that supports and sustains the life I want to live. These are the powerful pieces that you can use over and over again to ensure your success.

How to Deal with What Comes Up

When you dream big dreams and set big intentions, and take action to move you forward, your “stuff” is going to come up. Unfortunately, this is what stops most people in their tracks, derails them, and keeps them frozen, stuck, and paralyzed. But not my students! I help them understand how this is an integral part of the process and why it means that what you are doing is working.

Learn how to navigate through this to get to everything you want, which is just on the other side of it. The more you learn to do this, the easier and faster you become at creating the results you are seeking.

YES, it’s so possible and doable, and I’ll show you how!


When it comes to manifesting what you need, want, and desire and getting what you want now… she literally wrote the book!

Meet Michelle Barr

From burned out therapist to entrepreneur with an expensive hobby to influential multi-six figure business owner for the past 16 years who has created a life she loves and all she needs to support and sustain it, Michelle Barr’s story is a masterclass in manifesting what you need, want, and desire in all areas of your life.

Michelle built her own business as a vehicle to answer her calling and grow into her highest and best expressed self from a local healing center to a global online operation with clients all over the world. She created the business to support and sustain the life she wanted to live, and she and her business have consistently and continuously grown and evolved in big and exciting ways. She is now well-known and sought after as a Transformational Coach, Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and Teacher, as well as a social media influencer and media expert.

She has achieved all of this by learning then living these principles. She has shared them for over a decade with her clients and students, and now she wants to share them with YOU!

Michelle is featured on FOX News every week as a Manifesting Expert and a Transformational Spiritual Coach. She has written several books on manifesting, including her new book coming out this year, Loving What’s Next: What You Want Can Be Yours Now!

As a BONUS for registering for this event, Michelle will send you a sneak peek copy of the new book right now before it is available to the general public.

Why is this crucial now? With all the uncertainty and upset and transition in the world today, you can’t help but be affected until you have the understanding and practices and tools to have what you want when you want it. This work works no matter the economic climate, through tougher times, and accelerates as you grow and evolve within it.

My experience I will be sharing includes building and growing the life and business I love through the 2007 to 2009 recession, a series of personal and professional challenges, and ending up thriving more than ever through the changes of 2020 living by these principles, processes, and teachings.

In fact, I have been featured on Fox News, The Noon, for a weekly Wellness Wednesday segment for over a year now as a Spiritual Life Coach and Manifesting Expert, teaching this powerful and profound information to the masses on national television.

And, I did write the book, after landing a NY Publishing book deal who asked me to write about this very thing! It’s coming out this year, but you don’t have to wait. You can get plugged in now and start transforming your life today, which means… YOU CAN HAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

Learn how you can live out and surpass your dreams and desires up until now, any time, all the time.

Don’t let any more of 2024 go by without you taking aligned inspired action toward what you say you want most. Consider this it! Show up for YOU. Join me for this master class. That’s the first step.