Are you ready to make your next big MOVE?  


I’m Dr. Michelle Barr, and I want you to know I get it. 

    I get feeling stuck, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, but not really being able to explain why. I get wanting to make your next big MOVE, but not knowing what to do or how to get there.

     Here’s what makes working with me different than with any other coach or mentor.

     I can help you unlock your own energy and M.O.V.E. past the blocks and junk in your history keeping you trapped in repeating cycles of success and then sabotage. 

     I can teach you how to transform your manifesting to finally create the life you’re striving to achieve.

What Do I Do?

     I have a diverse background I bring to every coaching session and group program – including a doctorate in transformational spiritual coaching, and a masters degree in counseling. I worked for ten years as a crisis and trauma therapist before I gave up my license to build my business.

     These experiences have made me uniquely gifted to walk with my clients through the deep and dark places we all have, that impact the lives we dream to have.

     I help my clients unlock and release the blocks and baggage lurking in your past, so you can M.O.V.E. forward and unleash the life of your dreams.

A Trusted Guide


You have to know where you’ve been, before you can get to where you’re going. I help you unpack your past, so you can plan and step into the future you deserve.


The easiest way to keep your balance when you’re riding a bike is to keep moving. Here’s where my M.O.V.E. method comes in – make a decision, and get going!


Lasting growth doesn’t just happen – it’s the result of fully present, intentional movement forward. Learn how to take intentional action, so you can create an intentional life!

I'm so grateful to have met you 13 years ago! You have greatly impacted my life. Working with you in 2020 has completely shifted my connection to God, as well as my relationship with money and my business. I'm so grateful for those months working together! Keep doing your work...you're changing people's lives. You've changed mine.

– Diana Guintu

Michelle, I find there is something so neat energetically that happens when you talk or coach people. It's like, energetically, you talk to the deep me, not the mind me, and it's really interesting to see and feel how, in a really subtle but powerful way, it supports you to shift your story.

– Tara Preston

Two things you have taught me that are huge shifts and so powerful that will stay with me forever. It is not fo rme to worry how I make the money. It can come in many ways. It is all around me. It is for me to make a valuable contribution. Create a vision of the life you want to live, and then create a business that supports and sustains that. Michelle, you are worth your weight in GOLD! Thank you so much!

– Rachel Thompson


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