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Dr. Michelle Barr

I’m Dr. Michelle Barr, and I’m so happy you’re here. It means you’re ready for your next chapter.

Tired of feeling like you’re spinning your wheels trying to manifest the life you want?

Are you feeling frustrated because you know you’re missing a key piece in the puzzle of your ideal life – but you don’t even know how to describe what “it” is?

Get the insights, support, and guidance you’ve been looking for to finally create what you need, want, and desire in a life you don’t want to flee.

Create and implement an actionable plan to move forward in any area of your life.

Uncover the internal junk that’s tripping you up and deraiing your success.

Receive powerful & practical tools you use – repeatedly – and resources to speed your journey.


During this internal catalyst session, Dr. Michelle offers you:

  • Intimate consultation time tailor-made to suit your unique needs, all of which are built from your questionairre responses – so you’re not wasting time in the weeds.
  • Intuitive, energetic, and strategic work sessions designed to help you become the person who can achieve the results you desire for yourself.
  • The ability to find and define your freedom – whether that is Money Freedom, Time Freedom, or Expression Freedom, so you can be able to be who you are and do what you were divinely created to do.  


Why Dr. Michelle Barr

 For the past 30 years, Dr. Michelle Barr has worked in Personal Transformation, helping people create the success they desire, deserve, & lead lives they love.


She has been an intuitive business coach to many, helping them convert their life’s calling into a profitable business they love. She has helped many of her clients conquer their limiting beliefs and “get right with money.”


When you work with Dr. Michelle, you learn how to create what you truly want, understand what you need, & the timeline for both. In other words, you learn how to create true Financial Freedom. Dr. Michelle clients just like you through key transitions in their lives, like moving to their dream location, quitting jobs they were done with, attracting new fulfilling love relationships, healing family relationships, & recovering their health and wellbeing.


She is an experienced guide who has walked with many through their spiritual growth and development. If you’re ready to live that journey, & you’re ready to have a new “every day” as your  greatest & highest expression of yourself, your teacher is waiting. Join Dr. Michelle & Begin taking inspired, aligned action in those specific areas you want to see grow and flourish.

“Two things you have taught me that are HUGE SHIFTS and SO POWERFUL that will stay with me forever. It is not for me to worry how I make the money. It can come in many ways. It is all around me. It is for me to make a valuable contribution.

Create a Vision of the life you want to live and then create a business that supports and sustains that.

Michelle, you are worth your weight in GOLD! Thank you so much!”

Rachel Thompson

“Dr. Michelle, I find there is something so neat energetically that happens when you talk or coach people. It’s like, energetically, you talk to the deep me, not the mind me, and it’s really interesting to see and feel how, in a really subtle but powerful way, it supports you to shift your story.”

Tara Preston

Where are you in your growth journey?

You might not have invested in a coach before – or you’re nervous about being burned (again).

You may not feel ready to invest in Dr. Michelle’s usual 6-month and year-long private coaching programs. This is a first great step to get you started without a huge time commitment.

Once you have worked with Dr. Michelle in this capacity, you can always come back for more support and guidance as you need it, because you have already done the deep dive together.

During private consulting time via Zoom, Dr. Michelle will detail the exact steps and mindset to achieve YOUR goals and desires.

Before you even meet, Dr. Michelle will tune in to you and the various areas of your life, see the exact questions you want answered, and the things you want to clear, heal, and resolve during your time together.

Quick, Economical, & Focused on YOU

Dr. Michelle helps create life-changing results for people just like you, struggling to manifest and create -without  understanding why.

These catalyst sessions are specially reserved for a few days each month to work privately with advisory clients – at a far lower cost than the extensive fees her private clients have paid over the years.

This consultation is designed to quickly and thoroughly take a broad view of where you are now and give you the clarity and focus you need to start moving toward where you want to be.

This includes creating a plan you can implement right now with the exact steps and insight into what needs to change and where you are sabotaging yourself.

Dr. Michelle will help you see the opportunities that are already present for you and give you the courage and confidence to pursue them.


Book Your Catalyst Session with Dr. Michelle Now!

Dr. Michelle continues supporting your progress after your session, providing follow-up resources and recommendations based on what you cover during your catalyst session.

Do you have a half-day or even 90 minutes to invest in your life?

Fewer than a dozen consultation times remain over the next 60 days.

My heartfelt maholo, Dr.Michelle!

Our session was jammed pack with useful tips and tested guide lines!  Dr. Michelle has a broad scope of experience and tools that she shares freely. She not only delivers great advice and knowledge, but also provides with her personal templates that one can utilize. She is very genuine and generous, she walks the talk and goes all out to help you in your success.
– Natalie Kawai

Dr. Michelle is WONDERFUL!

“Dr. Michelle Barr is wonderful in her outlook on what an individual can do once we go from dreaming about our ideal life, to actually acting (with continual focus) on the dream.”

-Cindy Gonzales


Understands spirituality & divine calling...

“Dr. Michelle has provided intuitive business and personal consultation that exceeded my expectations. I recommend her for her services. She’s fully tapped into her market and understands spirituality and divine calling better than many people who work in the same field.”

– Charlie Rose

Never stop reaching...

“One thing I have learned from you, Dr. Michelle, is never stop reaching and always work on moving forward to the unimaginable. With all the work I have done I have realized that we are our own mirror, our own trigger response and we choose the outcome we will follow. Those triggers in our life whether they are positive ones or negative are just that, triggers, that makes us reflect on how we are feeling at the moment, and we can control where those triggers lead us to. Dr. Michelle has done the work to achieve what we all strive for and that is true peace with ourselves and our purpose here in the universe.”
– Alexandra Falticeni

About Dr. Michelle

Over the last 30 years, Dr. Michelle has been an intuitive guide, energetic healer, and business and life strategist for a wide range of clients.

Her success stories are filled with those who have emerged from their coaching relationship, and gone on to dramatically change their lives, often very quickly.

Dr. Michelle works just like that – going at the maximum speed you’re comfortable with, to achieve the maximum impact results you need.

Dr. Michelle has spent decades using what she will share with you in her own life as well as with her clients. She has created a life in which supports and sustains each new stage of life. In her current season, she is welcoming enjoying precious time with family and new grandchildren.

She is continually working on herself to become the person who gets the results and lives the life she desires. Dr. Michelle is adamant about continuing her own growth and evolution as she serves you in yours. She is a Coach, Teacher, Speaker, and Best-Selling Author.

Is it time for your transformation?

If you know this is right for you, right now, as a unique opportunity arising in answer to what you have been asking for, trust it. Do not wait, do not hesitate, and book your time with Dr. Michelle now.  The transformation begins the minute you make the decision and take the aligned, inspired action.


As your personal success coach, Dr. Michelle urges and encourages you to book your appointment today at the advisory client rate of $1000 for a 90-minute consultation or $3500 for a half-day session (4 hours) via Zoom. Both include Dr. Michelle’s unique questionnaire and assessment tools, advance planning time, intuitive and energetic work before the call, and follow-up communication.


A Carefully Curated 9-Week Course

An Empowering and Supportive Membership Community

4 High Touch High Impact Private Coaching Containers

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