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From Calling to Cash: Turn Your Life's Calling into a Profitable Business You Love

Do you dream of helping people live better lives, but aren’t making money with your Spiritual Healing Gifts and have no idea how to make that happen?

Discover what you need to build a Spiritual Business and get paid well for it. If you’re serious about doing your healing work instead of work that just pays the bills, and you’re ready to create Financial and Spiritual Freedom, this book is for you.

Learn how to shift into using your spiritual healing gifts to make money, the 8 stages to clear the financial and spiritual blocks keeping you from making and having money, the direct path to creating the business and the life you love, and more!

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Taking Inspired Action: A Mindset for Manifesting on Purpose


In my first book, I help walk you through what it takes to really MOVE past the energy blocks and junk in your history keeping you trapped in repeating cycles of success and sabotage.  

    What would it be like to finally see the needle start moving on your goals, and your dreams are suddenly becoming reality in front of you? 



#SoulTeach: Your Guide to Manifesting What You Need, Want, & Desire

Your Epic Results Start Here! Inside you is everything you need to show up, be you, and live an extraordinary life of your own creation. Dr. Michelle Barr shares with you daily an energetic transmission that will move you forward. Read it. Meditate on it. Reflect. Journal. And, most of all, create a new way of living and being. Journey with her for a year, and watch what happens!

The world needs you. Most of all, YOU need YOU! It’s time to tap into your desires, own your power, stop settling for mediocrity, be done with living from your wounding, be the contribution you are here to be, and live a prosperous and abundant life.

Find Your Freedom and Do Life Your Way with Epic Results!  Start Your Journey Now.

Loving What's Next : What You Want Can be Yours Now

In Loving What’s Next, Dr. Michelle Barr, bestselling author and transformational international coach, shares her journey of creating and recreating her life over and over again so that she can live the life she wants to be living, a life that supports and sustains all that she needs, wants, and desires.

Through her powerful M.O.V.E. process, she will empower you to stop second guessing, self-doubting, self-sabotaging, hesitating, and waiting and take inspired aligned action toward what you need, want, and desire.

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