Have you ever wondered what it’s like to walk through New Orleans as a spiritual or energy-sensitive person? 

Let me share with you about my recent girlfriends trip to NOLA. 

I consider these ladies my spiritual running buddies, if you will, and we often get together for our own version of spiritual retreats and fun trips together. We can never do just one or the other, because, invariably, they end up being a mix of both.

My Friends love to travel with me, because when I travel, I hold the mantra, “Universe, Surprise and Delight Me!” 

And then I just sit back and wait to see what shows up. On this trip, we really turned the whole adventure into a manifesting experiment.

We were very clear about what we wanted. We set intentions and watched for the opportunities. We said Yes and stepped into what showed up.

We noticed what was showing up for us and enjoyed expressing our joy outrageously.

Once we were in the flow, we stayed there!

Our first night, we stepped off of Bourbon Street into an extremely crowded piano bar at Pat O’Brien’s, and I manifested us a front row table, right in front of the lead piano.

My friends were in shock and asked how exactly I just did that, so of course I broke it down for them.

I caught my first thought as we walked in and were getting a drink. It’s so crowded, there’s no way we’re going to get a table in here tonight. I saw us going back out to the street, disappointed and a little irritated.

But I then stopped myself!

I reached down deep, and I reconnected with my Desire. I made it as real as possible – I saw it. I felt it. I projected it. I soaked and surrounded myself in the energy of it.

Then, I took it a step further. I visualized the surprised and delighted faces of my friends as I waved them over to our table on the front row and bought them their first Hurricane in NOLA.

I watched for the opportunity to show up, as I knew it would, and I responded. I followed the breadcrumbs already laid out. Once I recognized that first manifestation, I immediately celebrated it, then I activated The Law of Repetition.

What happens when you do that?

You’re able to expand and amplify it into The Field.

I stepped into full Positive Expectation mode. Some people forget to make an ASK to or of the Universe for all the things they want and desire. Why stop at just what you need?

The real answer is, some people don’t feel worthy, others are scared to ask for too much or feel greedy if they do. Even more don’t ask until they are coming from a place of scarcity or lack.

Even though I’ve been living energetically for most of my adult life, I still had to catch myself creating a story path I didn’t want to journey.

As soon as I recognized what was happening, I was able to change it and get into the energetic stance for what I desired. I use stance, because it is very deliberately adopted and very intentionally held. You literally set your body and your auric field to hold the energy that serves you and keep out the energy that does not.