I know this stuff. I teach this stuff. I Coach my clients through this stuff. And, alas, I have to live this stuff!

Last year was a tough year for me. I thought 2013 was going to be my breakout year, and, instead, it turned out to be my breakthrough year.

I was teetering gleefully on the edge of a much bigger business. Things were going great in 2012. I had leaped off some ledges, and I was flying high.

You will hear me say that I attribute a large part of my success to making the decision to hire my first business Coach in 2009, and I have not been without one since. At the end of each year, I am in search for my business coach for the new year.

soapboxGetting on my soapbox about this for a moment – I have not been without a Coach since 2009, and I would not ever be. I would not hire a Coach who didn’t have a Coach. If you are a Coach or wanting to be a Coach and your business is not doing well or not even getting off the ground, you need to hire a Coach. You cannot sell something you yourself do not believe has value. If you are not using it in your business and your life, you can’t convey to others why they should.

Okay, back to my story…

I didn’t know what I didn’t know, so I came into 2013 with some skewed thinking and some off-track perceptions about what I most needed right then. I was seeing success up close and personal, and I had a big goal I wanted to achieve in this new year, and I went for it. I made some big mistakes, and I learned a lot.

What clouded my judgment and kept me from that next level of success was a story I was holding onto and allowing to have power over me, my life and my business. My husband and I had made a big lifestyle move, preparing to be empty nesters, and creating the life we wanted to live in this next stage of our journey together. Everything was going great. But something happened with the house we were living in before, and things stopped going the way we had planned.

We had a house, a much bigger house, and we had to keep paying for it and maintaining it, stuck in the past, while trying to move forward into this wonderful present we had created for ourselves. Everything in our current world was completely aligned and delivering us the life of our dreams, while we kept being pulled back into the past with this house. I got stressed, and angry, and I created a story about it which followed me into 2013.

“I can’t hire the Coach I really need right now, because that house won’t sell.” “I can’t join the program I really need, because the house won’t sell.” “I can’t get that great office I have always wanted, because the house won’t sell.”

It held me back. I told the Universe the story, and, so, it was.

I struggled all year long. I hired Coaches that were not the Coach that I needed and wanted. I put off making the best decisions for my business. I played it small. I played it safe. I played it wrong. And it started affecting my life. As the story grew bigger, it created more and more sorrow and pain for me.

Until I had finally had enough. And I had to drink my own medicine.

I had a lot of private clients in my coaching program and students coming into my Spiritual Business School. What was I telling them? What was I speaking to others at retreats and meetings, on telesummits and radio shows?

I allowed myself to stay stuck almost all year long, and then I had enough. Last November, I pulled myself out of my story, and I looked at what I teach and what I believe. I did the hardest thing. I made a decision. I owned it 100%. I believed, and I took action. And that’s when everything in my world and my business changed! Only then did the Universe conspire on my behalf.

I had to laugh. Of course. I knew it all along. And I could have done this earlier, but I chose to learn the lesson. I will say, it is serving me so well as I march full speed ahead through the beginning of this year. What I learned was invaluable. It has to be.

Within days, I got a free ticket to an event from the Coach I really wanted to hire. I knew this was the push I would need, so I made the trip happen.

I came home, and I took the next step. I hired the Coach. It was scary given my current circumstances. And here’s what happened next…

Within 24 hours, I got a new client that paid me double what my deposit for the Coach was. And, after that, four more new clients showed up, enrolled in my private coaching programs and paid me in full. The amount of money that came in that week covered the costs of this Coach for the entire year.

When I stepped up, the clients stepped up.

Then, an office space became available where I have been wanting an office for several years, and I took it…

… and then my house sold!

… and I got more new clients showing up, ready to get started and paying in full!

… and some extra money came in that we had been waiting on for 10 years!

What story are you telling the Universe right now about how it is that is not serving you?

I tell my clients and students all the time, you can’t play the when/then game with the Universe. So many people have come to me over the years telling me when I have all this taken care of, when I have all this come in, when I have all this in line, then I will step out and live my Purpose, answer my calling, build my Spiritual business, do what I am made to do.

The problem is, that will never work. I have never seen it work yet. And, believe me, I used to try it, too. All it created for me was a lot of pain and struggle and confusion. You are always asked to take the first step. Then the Universe will rush in to conspire on your behalf. All manner of things show up in response to assist you.

I would love to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Let me know how I can best serve you.