What is your lead story?
Why are you here, and what do you have for me? Why do I care?
You want to quickly establish both relatability and expertise.
Identify the one story that will do this for you, the one that tells people where you were, where you are now (a.k.a. the fire you walked through), and what happened in the gap. This shows them that you have been where they are and come out the other side and that you know how to help them through it.
THIS will lead your clients right to you, raising their hands.
You will have several powerful stories. It is part of what you will use to build your signature talk. You will weave them in.
? You have one lead story right now, and it will change as you grow and evolve.
? My first lead story when I opened my healing and wellness center was about living a less than life, being in a toxic marriage, hating my job, stuck in chronic patterns that kept me sick and dissatisfied, and how I changed my entire life.
? My next lead story was when I figured out how to actually make money as a healer and helper after having to close my first healing center. I turned my expensive hobby into a profitable business I loved.
? Now, I have a new lead story from me two years ago. I was stuck not quite making $50,000 a year and had never made $50,000 in my life. I had a business I loved, and I needed more. I knew it was time for me to be more, do more and have more. I learned how to speak for my business, finally got my book published, and started upleveling my income (in fact, I doubled my income in less than 12 months), attracting more and better clients, and making the impact I am here to make.
? My Coach’s Challenge to You: What is your lead story right now? Get clear on it. Practice it. Write it out if you need to. Then, make a short video telling it. Don’t get too stuck on where you were. Focus on where you are now, and establish that you know how to get people to where you are. Be vulnerable. Be visible. Be the expert. Don’t forget to add your call to action at the end. Share your video with your community. I challenge you!