You are aware of the power of speaking to grow your business, to accelerate your income, attract dream clients, and help you make the impact you are here to make. You have thought about doing it, or even have given it a try, but you know you need to have a strategy and a plan and learn how to get good at it to bring the great results you are seeking.

? Here are some key things you want to know:

? The basic formula to use to speak for your business begins with your powerful “seminar” story. Then. Now. How.
1. Tell them where you were, what you were suffering from or searching for.
2. Tell them where you are now, and make sure you talk to them about tangible things in your life that they can see.
3. Tell them how you got there. You are the solution!

One mistake people often make is to stay too long in the “Then” part of their story. Learn how to dip in and out. Inexperienced speakers get very caught up in the “then,” and end up rambling and giving more of a testimony than an effective talk.

? Call them to action – ALWAYS! Whether you are selling from the stage or not, you will always want to offer a way for people to connect with you after your talk and to journey with your further. Offer a clear call to action.

When you are selling from stage, the investment amount you will want to offer will relate to the amount of time they are spending with you along with your perceived authority and expertise.

When you are not selling from the stage, call them to action to go to a specific url to get a free gift waiting for them, have them text you from their phone to receive something from you, and/or offer complimentary consultations.

? Work on developing your opening.
? Ask a question if it isn’t a yes or no question
? Give a startling statistic
? Tell a piece of your story

Do not open with your name and credentials or labels. People will not retain that until they know that they want or need the information.

Three Simple Mastery Tips:
? Practice it, Own it, Know it
? Seek Feedback
? Get Coached

When I learned how to speak for my business, I doubled my income in less than 12 months and went on to create a solid six-figure business. I learned how to do it. I kept at it as I got better and better. I invested in coaching and training, and I was coachable. I got on stage, and I did it!

❓ What questions do you have about speaking? Post them for me in the comments below, and I will answer them for you.