Today, science can prove what many Masters have always known. Everything is Energy. And that includes Money. Money is energy, a form of exchange and a representation of the value you give out into the world. Everything else about Money other than as neutral energy is based on your own stuff and mass consciousness beliefs that have been passed down over time.

Three years ago, I began to struggle in my business. I was bumping up against all the money I had ever earned, and I couldn’t go any further. I knew it was time to uplevel my business, but I just couldn’t make it happen. I hired a Coach to work with me intensively for six months to heal all the stuff I had going on about money that kept me from being able to do my work in the world and make the impact I am here to make. I saw so many unhealthy patterns and limiting beliefs that had been running my show. A big one among them was the whole issue of being paid for doing Spiritual work, and another one was receiving money from people when they were hurting.

I came to see that this was all my stuff. I was projecting things onto these other people who then could not show up in my world as my clients and students. I was telling all kinds of stories about them that did not empower them at all. It actually kept them victimized and stuck, and, guess what, it kept me the same way.

The more you are willing to become a conscious creator of your own experience and take 100% responsibility for everything that is showing up in your world, the more freedom you have to actually create positive, long-lasting, life-changing transformation.

This struggle, this love/hate relationship with money, keeps you from being who you are in the world, and it keeps you from having what you need to do what you’re here to do and to enjoy the life you are here to live. I believe we exist in an Infinite Abundant Universe, created by a Creator who wants for us what we want for ourselves. Many in my Spiritual community hold these beliefs, and yet they continue to live a less-than life, a life of lack and scarcity, of fear and uncertainty, of holding back, constricting, and struggling against. It breaks my heart. Honestly, it keeps me up at night and fuels my fire when I want to stop moving forward myself.

Money is not the most important thing in life, but money touches everything that is important to you. Recently, I was at a conference in which several people had shown up to learn how to go out into the world with their gifts and make a living doing it. Yet, the first thing they did was start arguing against money. They told stories of how they were not motivated by money, that they didn’t really want money, or that they only wanted enough money to take care of their basic needs.

Here’s where I am going to call bullshit. And, thankfully, the Coach and Mentor leading this event did just that. You see, I used to give myself away for free, overgive and overvalue the needs of others while undervaluing my worth and not taking for myself what I needed, not allowing myself to live the life I desired while others were suffering. I thought I was being noble and humble, a good servant. I thought I was being oh so Spiritual. What I actually was doing was living in my own wounding about not being good enough. If I stood up and actually charged what I was worth, if I took a stand in the marketplace as me, I would risk finding out that I’m not good enough, that I don’t have enough to offer, but if I played it safe, and played small, if I gave it all away, then nobody could complain, right?

The problem is, the people I gave myself away to didn’t value me, and they actually didn’t get better the way the people who stepped up and invested in themselves and engaged with me in a fair exchange of energy in the form of money did. And then I resented them after willingly giving myself away, because then I would wear out my resources. I had to close my first healing and wellness center after turning it into the most expensive hobby I’ve ever had and running it, myself and my family’s finances into the ground.

I understand the struggle. I lived it for over 20 years. I felt called to be a Healer and Helper, and then later a Coach, Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker and Author. It’s not about money, but money has to be a part of it, for both parties. The trainings, workshops and retreats you want to attend, the self-care you need to do this work, the business tools you need to reach the world with your message, the travel, the networking, the personal and Spiritual growth and development, all of these require that you have money to pay for them. And that money comes to you through people as you do your work in the world.

When I had to close my business, I could no longer do my work. People would no longer have a place to come, and there would not be healing available to them. But Spirit got me back up on my feet and presented me with an opportunity to step up and move forward, and I accepted it. I hired my first business Coach, opened a new business, and quadrupled my income in less than six months. I built a full local private practice. And then I was called again to a larger stage, to play bigger and make more of an impact. I took my business online and global so I could reach out and serve clients all over the world, and that is what I am doing now. Once again, I found myself bumping up against my money stuff, but this time I was more willing to take honest inventory and deal with it.

Regardless of whether you like to live simply or you like to live large, you should not shut out money that is trying to come to you for the value you are providing in the world. You having less will never make someone else have more. You know what will make someone else have more? You making a lot of money and then freely giving to others. It takes a good amount of money today to create the visibility and reach you need to make the big impact in the world you are being called to make.

Don’t take another step this year with the same old money stuff running your show. Dare to take an honest look. This is my Coach’s Challenge to you. Recognize that if you are being charged negatively, it’s your stuff. You are giving meaning to a neutral energy. It’s showing you what is ready to be cleared, healed and resolved so that you can be who you want to be, do what you want to do and have what you want to have.

Money is just one of the energies we work with in my Coaching Program. This is a private personalized coaching experience tailor-made for you. My clients are changing the quality of their lives and expanding their positive impact on the world in a short amount of time. When you do the energetic work first and learn to Master the Art of Taking Action, anything is possible.

If you are ready to transform the quality of your life and expand your positive impact on the world, I would love to talk to you about how we can work together. I take 5 new private clients every month. Can I hold a spot for you?