When you Speak for Your Business, you always want to include a clear and powerful Call to Action that is a natural match to what you are offering your potential clients.
Sometimes, you will have a free offer for your audience, and sometimes you will have a paid offer.
Here are 7 strategies you can choose from for your next talk from stage, Facebook Live, video, teleclass, webinar, radio show, value post, or email.
1. Promote your “freebie,” the gift you have created for your potential clients that naturally leads them to your offer. I always invite my audience to a free gift they opt in to so I can continue to be connected with them through my email list.
Create an easy to say and easy to remember url for your free gift. For instance, I have one for you at www.PersonalityBrandKit.com. People usually start subscribing and receiving their gift while I am still speaking.
2. Offer your audience a Live Teleclass or Webinar that will bring those ready to work with you to the front, and make them an offer they can step into. This is a great option when you are not able to sell during your presentation.
PLUS, you can offer them a Free Gift when they sign up for the training.
3. One of the fastest ways to enroll a new client is to speak with them personally, so invite your potential clients to apply for a “strategy session.” Name it something that matches your brand and what your promise to them is.
You can offer it to everyone in the audience and have them sign up, or offer it to X number of people.
4. You can invite your audience to step into a lower investment one-day workshop that will feed into a longer term higher investment program. This workshop can be done online or offline depending on the overall strategies you choose to implement.
5. If you have a multi-day Live Event coming up, offer tickets to those in the audience for a reduced price or a refundable deposit to attend.
6. Put together a special online training for 30 days, 5, 6, or 8 weeks, and sell this to your audience, offering them a special incentive if they sign up on the spot.
7. Once you have a Signature System, you can create a Home Study Course that includes recordings and transcripts. You can sell this over and over again.
Key: Sell it before you create it! Always.
Get in the habit of making sure every time you Speak for Your Business, you have a strong and clear Call to Action to tell people what to do next.
Then, choose one of these strategies and make it work for you.
I am including a video of a recent speaking engagement I did on someone else’s live event stage.
Even without being able to “sell” from the stage at this event, I have already brought in new cash and clients, some while at the event, and they are still coming in. Powerful!