The Truth Is…

You can’t change the world if you’re broke.

I know. I tried.


You’ve probably discovered this by now, too, that you just can’t change the world when you’re broke, and that’s why you showed up here.

You have this calling, your life’s calling, and it’s either become an expensive hobby, or you’ve stopped doing it altogether, because you can’t make it work, and you’ve got bills to pay.

It’s not just you.

Listen, I see every day people just like you, gifted, motivated, driven by something greater than themselves with a big Vision and on a mission to get that out into the world.


It makes me a little crazy seeing you struggle like this, because I know what you have to offer to the world, and I know how much people need you doing what you are made to do.


Congratulations, you’ve found your way here. I am Michelle Barr, Your Business and Mindset Mentor, and this is your next best step in your journey to turn your life’s calling into a profitable, freedom-based business.

I’m wondering, what’s stopping you from getting your dream out of your head and into the world. Do you ever feel like you can’t make it work, no matter how strong your Vision is? Do you ever get frustrated and feel like you have to go back to doing what you don’t love just to pay the bills? It breaks your heart, and your spirit.

I just want to let you know that I have felt every one of these things, frustrated, heartbroken, desperate, confused and not enough.

Until I learned how to make it work and how to make it happen. You see, I found there were successful people out there doing what I felt called to do, and they were doing certain things at certain times in certain ways. And I decided to learn how to do it, too.


It wasn’t until I learned both the marketing to make it work and the mindset to make it happen that I discovered and implemented the winning combination.



If you’re not willing to work on both the marketing and the mindset together, you’ll fall short every time.


Okay, so what makes me and my work different?


I believe that building your own business is the most intensive personal growth course you could ever enroll in. We know, for you, it’s a Journey, and we understand that journey is important to you. It certainly is to me. That is what makes my business-building program so different, and it’s what makes my work with my private clients so unique, too.

I don’t use some cookie-cutter plain vanilla formula. I do teach you all those things I mentioned that successful people are doing in certain ways at certain times. I share with you all the important steps of my own journey, all the successes and how I got to them, and the pitfalls and how you can avoid them. And I teach you in live time how I am running my business now.

I give you teaching and training and then provide you with tangible, step-by-step, easy-to-implement action items that get results.


Because, without action, after all, it’s just a dream in your head.



I also take you through your own inner guided journey to help you do the work on the inside that creates the outer-world results you most want.

The great thing about the work I have created for you is that it works wherever you are in the process.

Every one of my private clients goes through my proprietary processes and learns my two-fold system that helped me turn my expensive hobby first into a full-time local business and then grow it into a full-time thriving global online business. Let me share with you some of the powerful results they are getting.

  • Through working with me, you’ll experience a solid plan to bring in more clients right away and to create the amount of income you need to be in business and stay in business.
  • You will learn how to move out of the dollars for hours one-to-one model and into a more satisfying and more effective leveraged model where you serve your one-to-one clients at the highest level and are able to also serve many more clients through one to many offerings.


I will teach you why you need to build the foundation, build the platform and build the tribe, and all at the same time, and I’ll teach you to do that to build your own profitable, freedom-based Business, one that allows you to support and sustain the life you want to live.


So, if you’re ready to get started building or growing your Business, I’m Your Mentor, and Private and Group Coaching Programs are your best next steps.


Join my Tribe of Conscious Entrepreneurs who are living their dreams  in the world right here and right now!