How to Create Your Own Sacred Success: Step Into Who You Are and Take that Out Into the World

“Let me show you. Are you willing to see?”

“Let me show you. Are you willing to see?”

The treasure has been within you all the time. Do you know that?

Everything in the Universe is poised and waiting for you to step into the spotlight of your own life.

Everything is ready… when you are.

Are you ready to stop losing yourself, stop giving yourself away and stop being an energy source for others in a way that drains the life out of you? Are you ready instead to step into your fullest expression and experience with your Vision, your Mission, your Dreams and your Truth?

It’s who you ARE after all. It’s what you came here for. It’s what you are meant to take out into the world.

Imagine what is possible when you take even just that first step moving you forward into your journey to significance and success, your journey to your own Sacred Success.

You are sitting on a goldmine, and often when it feels the most overwhelming, the most paralyzing or impossible, you’re just three feet from gold.

It’s an adventure like no other!

Once you decide to step into who you are and take that out into the world, you enter into a journey that takes you through a series of phases leading you ever forward, moving you ever closer to the satisfaction of living a life of significance and success.

Here’s What It Looks Like.

  • Phase One: Master Your Magic!
  • Phase Two: Monetize Your Magic!
  • Phase Three: Market Your Magic!
  • Phase Four: M.O.V.E. It!

Phase One is a wondrous time of exploration and discovery, reacquainting yourself with your dreams, remembering your truth. This is the time of The Fool and His Journey.

You begin to reach out to what speaks to you and to open up to the gifts you are here to give. You may have stuffed your magic way below your conscious awareness, pushed it far away from you, and your reawakening to it feels almost like a dream, a distant memory you weren’t sure was real or something you had only imagined.

The path you are to take is not yet clear, but you are beginning to catch a glimpse of your purpose every now and then, as it bubbles up from the unconscious, called forth by your Higher Self answering in response to your dissatisfaction. You cry out,“I don’t have to live like this. Now what?” It answers, “Let me show you. Are you willing to see?”

My Coach’s Request To You: Enter this period of discovery with an open heart and an open mind. Bring your willingness to see. Explore what calls to you, and move toward what speaks to you.

If Sacred Success Coaching calls to you, if what I have offered you here today speaks to you, explore your possible next steps with an open heart and an open mind. Be willing to see what might be here for you. This is your call to action.