When you speak for your business, you are always walking a very fine line between providing value and selling. Many times the expected results don’t show up because of the misconceptions out there about how to sell while speaking, and the challenges this presents.
Really, it’s a blended dance in which you provide immense value through 90% valuable content and 10% call to action, and none of it should come across as an infomercial or sales pitch.
You have 4 main goals when you speak for your business:
? Inspire, Motivate, Educate, Inform and Entertain your audience. Your own personal style and brand will be heavier in one or two of these than others.
? Give your audience something to think about that can create a shift or lead to a transformation, and be clear on a “gold nugget” takeaway or two that will benefit them in a tangible way.
? Introduce them to you and your personality brand. Give them a reason to be interested. Be visible and establish credibility.
? Establish a relationship that can be nurtured and lead to sales, and provide them with a way to journey further with you from here.
When you speak for your business, people have the opportunity to become aware of you and to want to follow you. This happens when you provide them with value through quality content. It builds trust and leads them to wanting more.
Your perceived value by your audience is directly related to your content and delivery.
Speaking for your business can be a very powerful strategy that will accelerate your INCOME ??? and your IMPACT ???.
P.S. One of the women on the front row bought my Speak for Your Business 6-Week Workshop while I was still at the event, and she continues to be a great client. 🙂