When you speak for your business, it’s so important to maintain a strong brand image and build perceived value using your branded platform.
Too many people post on Facebook, do Facebook Lives, and create videos that are all over the place, inconsistent, and have no call to action to move people forward to work with them.
Speaking for your business is a powerful tool for attracting dream clients, upleveling your income, and making the impact you are here to make.
Speaking for your business is a long-game strategy that also brings immediate results.
Keep these things in mind:
? Create a signature talk that clearly communicates who you are, what you do, and who you serve. You can then adapt this to fit the time you are allotted to speak and the audience you will be speaking to. You want to have consistency in speaking for your business across the board at live events, videos, posts, blog articles, emails, and Facebook Lives.
? Differentiate yourself through a personality branded platform. You have a unique combination that creates a unique contribution you bring to the marketplace. You need to first know what makes you special, and then you need to know how to convey that to your audience.
? Provide value in every thing you put out into the marketplace. You will attract your dream clients by providing them with valuable content they can consume as they make their way to you. Focus on the outcomes, benefits and results you provide for them. Don’t get caught up in telling them how you do what you do; don’t focus on the tools you use. Focus on what they get when they work with you.
? Show up as you all the time everywhere. When a potential client shows up in a sales conversation with you, they want the person they have been experiencing as you have been speaking for your business. Show Up. Be You. Make Money. The more you are able to do this, the more your business will grow and expand, and the more you will get to serve at your highest level with your dream clients.
? Know your content well so you can repurpose it. Learn to speak in sound bites that you use while speaking live and carry over into your videos, posts, articles, webinars, Facebook Lives, emails, promotional materials and sales conversations.
Speak for your business with the intent of building your personal brand and building a following that you can nurture and feed, then invite and offer.
? When you are speaking, you are building visibility and credibility, and you are always gaining followers for your brand, followers that you want to convert into paying clients.