You only need to know the next step to take the next step.

Too often, people come to me for coaching, for support and guidance, and they are just sitting and spinning in place because they don’t know all the steps. And so they take no steps. I work with both ledge leapers and baby steppers, and it doesn’t matter which one you are or what you are most comfortable doing right now, it’s all about taking that next step. That is the only way the steps beyond that will show themselves to you.

Don’t waste any more time sitting still. You are ready to get moving forward in the direction of your dreams and desires to create a better life now. Know that there are no mistakes, and you cannot fail. You have a tool, course correction, that you can use, as you are learning to read feedback from the Universe.

Get into a quiet reflective or meditative state and ask yourself, that part of you that already knows the answers, “What is my next step?”

Remember, you only need to know the next step to take the next step.

Imagine if you are planning on driving from the West Coast to the East Coast. You have a map, so you know the direction you want to move in, and you have a destination where you would like to arrive. Even with a map, you cannot know and plan for every thing that will show up along the way. You trust yourself to make this journey. You are prepared. You have made a decision to go, and you are committed.

Imagine that you are traveling at night. You can only see as far as your headlights shine out in front of you, and you make the journey this way all night long. You cannot, of course, see all the way from the West Coast to the East Coast, and every step you take, every mile you travel, everything is changing in every moment. People are coming and going and may or may not cross your path depending on the decisions and choices you make. You even have a choice of routes to take. You get to determine your speed and whether you want to get there fast or take a more scenic route, whether you want to stop along the way and visit people or places, learn things, or simply rest.

You would not question in the middle of this journey, will I still end up at my destination? Will I be able to get to the East Coast? You would not doubt and turn back out of fear. You would keep moving forward. If you got stuck, you would get help. If you got lost, you would stop and get some better directions.

This journey is much the same.

As you move along, you are changing every minute, with every person and thing that crosses your path, and with every experience you have, all that you encounter. You are different halfway through the journey than you were at the beginning. You have seen different things, thought different things, learned different things, experienced different things, and felt different things, most likely even made some changes in your plans along the way. The longer the journey from here to there, the more this will happen for you.

Delight in the journey. There is so much to experience along the way. Here is a gift for you. Be excited for your journey. Your journey is now and always has been. You have never not been on your journey, on your path. No matter the u-turns, the distractions, the turning back, the side trips and the stops you have made along the way, you are journeying.The more you can enjoy the journey and being with yourself on this journey, supporting yourself unconditionally, the better it will be for you.

What is my next step? Ask yourself this.

Then here’s the important part of this, and every successful person will tell you this, when you receive that next step, you need to move into action. Take that next step. Because once you do, then the next one and the next one and the next one will unfold. Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “Remember, even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

I’ve been there. Hesitating, not moving, not taking action. Stuck in my stuff. So many of my clients come to me when they are exactly in this place. They get clarity, and they experience desire, then they keep getting in their own way and just sit there while everything around them is trying to come together to support them… if they would just move. That seems to be the place that gets people, that they have to take real physical 3-D action to manifest in this physical world what they want.

Sad to say, I have seen some of my clients and students, and I have experienced myself, the cosmic 2×4 come swinging around while I’m just sitting there.

The best part of this is that you just need to take consistent baby steps in alignment with what you have told the Universe and yourself that you want. It’s very effective, the baby steps. Just don’t stop the momentum by standing still. Act, Assess, Adjust.

Every day, ask yourself, “What is my next step?” Ask yourself, and ask your guidance, and when you get an answer, act on it. Do this every day. Do not miss a day. The more you work with this, the more quickly and frequently the answers will come.

Here’s something to know about this, too. Do this, every day. Often, you won’t receive the answer right away while you are sitting there waiting for it. Sometimes we have to stop trying so hard, like when you’re trying to remember a name so you can tell someone, and then suddenly you can’t come up with it at all. So do the asking, then go on with your business for the day. It will come in. Watch for it. Notice every thing that shows up. Expect it. It will come in for you.

If you would like your own “Treasure You Seek” Map to guide you on your journey, I have created one as a gift to you. 

Here’s my hand. Take it. Let me walk with you a while.