keytofreedom1Today marks the first day of the second half of this year. Six months have already gone by. And you have six months to make this year what you want it to be. If that includes creating a life you love that supports you, then we should talk.

I see a lot of desire out there, and it’s escalating for many people. What stops people is the moment they need to commit to themselves to take specific consistent action. This is key.

I often find that the higher desire someone has
for something that is really important to them, the higher resistance they encounter. This is the opportunity to dive in and create astounding transformation. And it’s scary as hell getting started. What it always is, I am here to tell you, it is worth it. Beyond measure.

Not long ago, I wrote an article about “What Happens When You Resist Commitment?” You can find that here.

You have a future that you are meant to live, and it’s been calling to you. Where there is desire, there is always the way. You are meant to be living this life now. So, what’s holding you back?

I can look back now over all the years that I knew what I wanted and who I wanted to show up in the world as, and I didn’t do anything about it. I had tons of excuses, and I created a lot of busyness and distraction in my world. I did a lot to numb those cravings for more, and I promised myself that some day – SOME DAY – I would make a move. Just not today, I’m not ready, I’m not prepared, just don’t ask me to do anything about it today.

The day came when the pain of staying the same became greater than the fear of taking the risk and creating movement. I got honest with myself. I knew that up until that moment, I had been dabbling, playing in the possibilities, dreaming about all the things I could do and would do. Those dreams kept me going for quite some time. I had big intentions. And yet, I was dancing around the edges, dipping my toes in, surveying the surface without diving in.

It’s time to dive in. There has never been a better time than now. There never will be.

What I discovered was that it’s really easier than I thought. Much of it was in my mind and happening energetically. Once I got into movement, I found that if I just stayed in movement, I could take baby steps, and I could create profound results. And I have been doing that now specifically and consistently for 5 years, and it has made all the difference in my world.

You will come to moments like these in your own life, facing the pain of staying the same and the fear of creating change, and every time you make a choice to either commit or retreat. You are always, ALWAYS, either moving towards or away from your goal, your vision, your mission, your truth and the life of your dreams. There is an energy to it. In every one of these moments lies the opportunity to say, “I am doing this!,” to face what is in your way, open up to the next step and move forward, doing what is necessary to create the future you are meant to be living now.

Something very important is always hiding behind your resistance, behind your excuses and your fears and doubts, that keep you from making a commitment to yourself to step into who you are and take that out into the world. It’s both the prison and the key to your freedom. Your choice in every moment defines it.

Right now is one of those moments. As you read this, something is being activated inside of you, and you have a choice.

If you are ready to truly change the way you show up in your life and in your work, ready to experience a new way of being in your career, in relationships, with money, if you find yourself in just this place, then I challenge you to make a renewed commitment to yourself and take action now, today. Do something, from taking the tiniest baby step to the greatest leap, to get moving towards all that you want.

Energy management is just as important to you as money management in finding success. Tapping into using your own energy and intuition in your business and your life is an essential component of your plan and one of your greatest and most powerful tools. Are you using it? In my work, I combine energetic work and intuitive work with proven business practices and systems used by very successful Spiritual Entrepreneurs I have studied with and applied to my own business.

If you are ready for this to change, here and now, commit to yourself and connect with others who will support and guide you, hold space for you, teach, mentor and coach you into your own greatness, your own extraordinary.

You are meant to be living this life now.

Know this: “The moment you commit and quit holding back, all sorts of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, will rise up to help you. The simple act of commitment is a powerful magnet for
help.” — Napoleon Hill

Best wishes to you as you step into the second half of 2016!

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