When something happens to us that throws us off course or doesn’t fit into our plans, we often begin to question.

“Why is this happening to me?”

“What did I do to deserve this?”

“What am I going to do about this?”

The better question to ask would be, “What have I been asking for?”

You see, nothing happens by coincidence. Nothing comes to us without reason. Anything that shows up in our world can only come to us because, in some way, it matches what we are asking for.

We get to ask for whatever we want, and we send that out into the Universe through our feelings and desires. Sometimes, we are using tools that are helping us to consciously create our circumstances, as well. At any time, there exists a continuum, and we are both consciously creating and unconsciously creating.

What we don’t orchestrate is the how of it all, and this is where building trust with the All That Is really serves us. Always, there is a bigger picture. We are a part of it, along with everyone and everything else. We ask for what we want, and then the Universe goes to work to deliver it.

Now, here’s where things get messy. Many times, I have asked for things in my life, and then when they come about, I am surprised. I mean, I would NEVER orchestrate things to happen that way. That’s not the way I envisioned this would go. Yet, as it all unfolds, I do see that what I want is what is coming to me.

A Higher Wisdom is at work here and a Higher Intelligence.

In this same way, I have had times when I have told God exactly what I want and left the how’s completely up to Universal Design. Right now is one of those times. Late last year, I started letting God know what I wanted in my life. I really felt it, and I got specific… in the essence of it. I said, I don’t know how any of this can or will happen. It’s what I want, though. And I went on about my business.

While I was doing what I am here to do, getting up every morning and stepping out into the world, offering what I have, creating value, and being in inspired action, engaged in the cycle of giving and receiving, the Universe began delivering all these incredible things and circumstances to me in ways that I could not have ever dreamed up. I sit here today on the verge of making huge life changes that will bring me immense joy and satisfaction and support the work I am doing in the world and the life I want to live with my husband and my children and my community. And it has been the easiest and most effortless thing to receive. Ever.

I mean, I KNOW this stuff works. I teach it. I coach people through it. It’s a way of living for me now. But still, from time to time, I get surprised by the impeccable way this all works.

The Law of Attraction works. It’s on all the time. You don’t choose to engage with it, do a little manifesting, then turn it off and go back into your toxic relationships, environments, thoughts, habits and patterns.

It all counts. It all matters.

When people come to me in crisis, the first thing I do is have them go back and look at the intentions they have been setting recently and what they have been asking for. Almost immediately, I am able to help them identify patterns and relationships so they see why the things in their life are showing up the way they are. It is always on target.

“Why is this happening to me?” creates a constrictive energy. We turn in on ourselves. We feel victimized. We close ourselves off. We shut down.

“What have I been asking for?” creates an expansive energy that we can work with to move forward. We are not victims. Instead, we are Creators. We are receiving feedback from the Universe, and there is great benefit for us here. What is showing up now is bringing us what we have been asking for. Here is hope. Here is promise. This shift in energy alone lifts us up out of a stagnant space so we can grow.

Many times, what is showing up first is what we need to clear, heal and resolve so that we can receive what we have been asking for.

Try this the next time something shows up that doesn’t feel good to you or seems at first glance to be counterproductive to what you are dreaming about and desiring. Examine where your trust lies, in yourself and in your connection to the All That Is.

Then ask yourself, “What have I been asking for?” Open to the answers. They might surprise you.