“I need to make money, but I don’t want very much, just enough to pay my bills.”

I was talking with a potential client the other day, and the first thing she said to me was, “I really need your help.” The second thing she said to me was this.

I told her, the first thing we would do if we worked together is change that statement and deal with what’s behind it. If you don’t have an interest in that, then I may not be the best Coach for you right now.

So, let me share with you this story…

Several years ago, before I started my own business and was still serving in more traditional roles, I was involved in a local church in my community. My children were young and involved in youth group and activities, and we did this as a family. I have always loved the community and fellowship that a church provides, and I was trying to stay and be a part of this.

But it was very hard.

This church has been in my community since the 1800s. And, yet, it is still small, the building old, much in need of repair around the place, and always struggling for members.

Meanwhile, we have many others churches that have sprung up all around it, with new buildings and lots of members, growing and expanding their ministries and offering great programs and services to their congregations.

I became a Leader in my church, and so did my husband, and we ended up doing a lot of work in many capacities. And here is what I saw.

This church had a belief, its members adopted the belief, and so it had to be. The church lived according to this belief, and so did its members. This is a belief I used to have for many years, and so I was a match to it, but I no longer wanted to live like that, and so this church and this experience provided a great mirror and great lessons for me in my growth and evolution. So much so, that when I left this church, I went out into the community and started my first business on my own.

The people in this church lived in such poverty consciousness, and lack and scarcity thinking that they could not hear me. I was teaching then, classes for free, through the church, and I was leading worship and creating programs. And the people there could not hear what I was saying at all, and they did not show up.

I got the message from Spirit to turn away from this church and go out into the community where there would be people waiting who could hear what I had to say and who would show up. And so it was! Wow, was it ever!

This church lived by a very common belief that God will provide. It had gotten into a habit with this belief that did not serve them but that a lot of people I come across have chosen to live by as a testament to their Faith. This church and its people believed that God will provide just what you need when you need it, and most often at the very last minute, because they had become addicted to the cycle that created which delivered relief at the end of it, and they were using it to strengthen their Faith. No only were they living like this in the church, but they also were living like this in their lives.

In my short time there, I witnessed much struggle, many marriages that were dissolving, children acting out, and crisis from lack of jobs, lack of money, and lack of resources. Still, they continued to tell this story. God will provide just what we need when we need it, and, watch, it will come in right before the bad thing happens. And so they would pray, God we don’t want to be greedy, just send us what we need right now to take care of this one thing. We believe you will.

This church continues to struggle. The head organization has thought about shutting it down many times, and that may happen very soon. I went back into the church to visit when my daughter was being honored as a high school graduate. And what I saw was less people than ever sitting in those pews. Things were falling down around them throughout the building. They had cut back to one service again. And the people sitting there listening to the sermon yet again about the storms of life and the troubles of living in this world looked tired and ill.

Thoughts become things, and what we focus on shows up, and what we say is, Is.

spirit wants FB cover size jpg-1I made a choice to leave that situation and that community, and I made a decision to never live like that again. I now believe that Spirit wants for us what we want for ourselves. I now believe that we live in an Infinite and Abundant Universe, and so my life must reflect this.

“I don’t want very much, just enough to pay my bills” will keep you in a cycle of struggle that will keep you from living your Divine Expression in this Human Experience, and it will keep you from being able to go out into the world with who you are and what you have to offer.

The potential client got afraid again, and she said, later, I will definitely do this with you later. But, you see, she had talked with me a year ago, too, and she is still waiting for later to come.

What you say is, Is. If you are ready to confront the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, if you are ready for more right now, to create a better life now and to create a better business now, then let’s chat. I am ready when you are.