“A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

In 2003, I asked myself this important question, “Why Am I Creating What I Don’t Want?,” and I took that first single step that begins every thousand-mile journey. I turned my life into an experiment in the Law of Attraction. Since that time, I have taken many big giant steps, and I have taken my share of baby steps. Forwards and backwards.

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The magic comes in those moments when we ask the questions. “Why Am I Creating What I Don’t Want?” Think about it. That’s a very different question than “Why Am I Not Creating What I Want?” For really, there is no “not creating” about it.

In that pivotal moment when I dared to truly ask, and I dared to face the honest answers, what I did was make a monumental shift in my perspective. And that changed everything.

I made the first move away from a victim consciousness, wondering why everything always happens to me and knowing that if everyone else in my world would just stop doing what I didn’t want them to do and start doing what I did want them to do, I would be just fine.

In doing that, I began to move toward knowing that I am the Creator of my life, my entire life. I am the Creator of my entire experience. Things don’t happen to me, they happen through me. What tremendous freedom this brings! What tremendous responsibility this brings.

I am intuitive and empathic and always have been, though for a very long time I didn’t have a conscious awareness of this. Because of that, I have always been able to create things I wanted, AND I spent a lot of years creating a lot of what I didn’t want, as well.

I invite you to consider this for yourself now. How much are you creating unconsciously, and how much are you consciously creating your life?

Join me in becoming A Conscious Creator Manifesting Everyday Miracles!

I invite you to explore your own unlimited possibilities. I invite you to take inspired action, to step out of mediocrity and create your own extraordinary life!


Blessings, Joy and always HOPE on your Journey,