Fool TarotThis depiction of the The Fool card found in the Tarot was created by Carrie Ann Baade, and I love it. I thought it was a great piece for reflection today, on what we call April Fool’s Day. Though we have come to think of April’s Fools Day as a day to be silly and to play tricks, the Fool setting out on his/her journey is not foolish at all.

This traveler hears the calling and has gotten up to take a step, to move forward, to take a new inspired action. Notice the skull, a symbol of Wisdom that can be found within each of us. Somewhere within, she knows that this step will lead her into the unknown, away from the comfortable and the familiar, defying what has come to be considered logical and rational.

The Major Arcana of the Tarot take us through a journey we can very much relate to. It all begins from this place, from our position as the Fool, the Innocent. In this place, many of us have experienced feelings of going crazy, and others may tell us we are acting foolish. Yet, we stand up and take that first step, which changes the energy within us. It changes everything. We declare something new to the Universe, and indeed the Universe does respond.

Notice she travels light. As we embark on this part of the Journey, we are asked to let go of everything that does not serve us and make room for all that we are asking for and expectantly waiting for to show up.

The Fool Card carries either no number at all or the Number 0. The Fool, in her humanness, gives way to her feelings and emotions, experiences her desires, reaches for what she wants, and then creates the space for life to happen, for Spirit to join with human in this creative process, in this dance, and lets go of the outcome to allow what is meant to be simply to be.  It is a delicate balance, this way. Of being. Of experiencing life. It is in the moment of surrender that the zero point exists, the event horizon, the void in which all is possible and creations are made manifest.

Don’t let this frighten you away. Some people will choose to abandon much of the life they are dissatisfied with, take big risks, giant steps forward. Part of the Wisdom within is that it calls you first and foremost to “Know Thyself.” This is what the journey is truly all about. I tell my clients and students that they must know themselves well enough to know what is best for them. These choices will impact them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; wholly. If you are not a risk taker then taking big risks can create stress that counteracts and interferes with your ability to create what you are wanting. This movement can take the form of baby steps. Small, subtle consistent actions will create profound change. The important thing is to get into action and stay in action. It is an Art that can be Mastered.

It is said that the Fool is numbered as “nought,” meaning it has no number in a set sequence, because the Fool is everyone and every place. At the beginning of the journey, standing in this place of the Fool, all possibilities exist simultaneously.

On this 1st day of April, the Day of the Fool, spend some time reflecting or meditating on this message that he offers us, this gift that she brings.

A Note About Risk-Taking: You may be really ready for a risk even after never having taken them; it can be such a liberating experience that yields magical results. I have been there and done it at a time when I disliked change and was very adverse to risk-taking. My life since then has been absolutely worth it, my journey exciting and yielding out-of-this world results. It takes a “new” mindset and tremendous support. It takes preparation the way you would prepare for any journey. When the timing is right, you will feel it and know it. When nothing will stop you and you know you can’t not do this thing, then you are ready. That is the exact time to take the big risks and let the Universe rush in to support you.