Whenever you are thinking about making a big life transition, there are really three ways to go about it. Knowing yourself well can make a difference in the amount of stress you experience during this time as well as the amount of success you are able to create.

I talk a lot about taking honest inventory, and this is one of those times when the pay off for doing this consistently can be huge.

You want to pay attention both to the actions you are taking, and not taking, and to the energy you are carrying about it.

When working with clients who come to me ready to make a move or at least considering the possibility, I take some time with them first to explore their hardwiring and their mindset.

I have had clients who have successfully taken big leaps on the spot without much looking back at all and have been able to move forward very quickly without experiencing a lot of fallout. The energy they are holding is that as they go off the side of that cliff, either the road will rise up to meet them or they will grow wings and be taught how to fly. The key to making this work is that they immediately get into massive action and stay in massive action.

keepswimminggraphicKnow yourself. If you are not a risk-taker, the stress you may cause yourself in taking the big leap will work against the positive energy you need to “just keep swimming.” For these clients, I suggest they determine what I call a tolerate date. They are using up valuable time and energy spinning in how much they don’t like where they are and how unhappy they are, and they get into a lot of asking how things might change for them. By setting a date with yourself, the absolute maximum time you are willing to tolerate these circumstances, you stop the mind’s endless chatter about it, and you satisfy its need to know. Now, everything will begin to conspire to work for you toward that goal, and you are no longer working against yourself. As you shift from the negative energy to the positive energy, you begin to be differently and to do things differently, and things start to come together for your benefit. Very often, people end up coming out of their undesirable circumstances much sooner than the date they set, and it happens in a much more natural way.

The third scenario is those who continue to work with the positive energy of their growing desire. They are visualizing it, feeling it, and sending their order out to the Universe. But they are not taking any action, and they have not set any goals. What most often happens here is that as the desire grows stronger and the feelings associated with it become a part of who you are, the Universe begins to work in your favor in response to your ever-increasing desire. Because you are not taking action, you are not creating space, and you are not letting go of what no longer serves you. What you end up seeing here is the rug being ripped out from under you. This is when you are suddenly forced out of a job, a home, a relationship, or a geographical location.

Each of these is a choice. The more responsibility you are willing to take, the more power you are given over your own life. It is all about becoming conscious and aware and taking action.

I work with my clients to help them Master the Art of Taking Action. I work with them intuitively, energetically and strategically. If you are looking for the support and guidance of a Private Coach, I would love to explore this with you. Let’s talk.

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