monetizeI’ve been out there for many years now trying to use my gifts, through various jobs, volunteer opportunities, in my community and, finally, as a Spiritual Entrepreneur in the business realm. Out of my own journey has grown an enormous passion to help more spiritual people use their gifts out in the world doing business in a way that serving the Highest Good of All includes them. I want to help people get out into the world using their gifts.

Along the way, I struggled with my own resistance a lot, I came up against my “stuff” at every turn, I ran expensive hobbies that served the community but depleted me, and I went into hiding and did nothing at all. It broke my heart, because I was not out in the world using my gifts, and yet I was being called to do so. Every day. I just didn’t know how.

What I have learned is that building your own spiritual business is actually the most powerful and intense personal and spiritual growth and development program you could enroll in. It grows you like nothing else. And this surprises a lot of people.

The mastery of this is two-fold; it comes from impeccable energy management and the application of solid practical business principles, systems, and processes. Both of these need to be a part of your plan and your daily practice.

No matter how high my desire to be of service and to use my gifts in the world, nothing worked until I learned how to monetize and market what I had to offer. That’s when it all came together, and my life became richer, my business more successful, and my journey joyful and fulfilling. Now I can do the work I came here to do, be who I am called to be, and have a life I love that supports me.

I believe that each of us has Magic inside of us that we came here with and that we came here to express. Until we do this, we will always feel like something is missing, and we will not experience true joy and fulfillment… or true Abundance. I have clients come to me and tell me that they feel like they are “dying inside.” I know that feeling.

Now is the time to Unleash Your Magic! and Move Forward Into a Life of Significance and Success, what I call “Sacred Business Success,” by applying the 3M’s:

  •  Master It.
  • Monetize It.
  • Market It.

Be Bold on your own behalf for your Highest Good in a way that serving the Highest Good of All includes YOU.

the highest goodAre you ready to create a business doing what you love and using your gifts? Would you like to create a life you love that supports you?

It’s very doable. I want you to know that. Transformational Leaders have gone before you, and they are paving the way, doing what they love, making money, and building their own spiritual businesses in absolute authenticity to create a lifestyle for themselves that allows them to have a richer, fuller, much more satisfying
spiritual experience for themselves while impacting the lives of so many others.

Make a commitment to yourself to finish the year out strong and get ready for your own Sacred Business Success!

What are YOU meant to take out into the world today?

What decision can you make for your highest good today?

How can I support you?

I invite you to have a conversation with me to see how I can best help you right now. I have several options to support you in getting started and moving forward right now, with your own Personal Success Coach and a Kindred Community who are working on their own businesses while also being a part of a Global Initiative.

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, don’t waste another minute.

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