You are an energetic being. All day long, you come into energetic exchange with people and environments. Some of them energize you, and many of them drain you. This is important for you to understand.

I use these two tools almost daily. At first, you will find yourself thinking about this and consciously doing the exercises, and then it will become a habit, a success habit that can change your energy and your life.

I am always amazed when I first take people through this guided meditation/energy activation the impact it has on people who have become so disconnected from their own energy that when they get back into it, they are moved.

It is very helpful to start your day by taking a few moments to become focused, centered and grounded and really be in your own energy as you vision your day and set the intention for your day. Connect to your Source. Clear your energy. Receive Guidance.

It is also wonderful to end your day getting back into your own energy and sleeping in your own energy. You will notice the difference. Imagine letting go of all those things you go to sleep thinking about and holding onto and, instead, recharging, rejuvenating, and enjoying deep, sound sleep.

stopsmallHere is my gift to you, a tool I use with my private clients. I recorded this so you could use it daily to experience getting into your own energy and using your energy to create what you desire and get rid of what no longer serves you. This energy heals and restores and inspires.

One more tool you can practice using daily that has been invaluable to me is this. Whenever you have an exchange with someone and feel the drain on your energy, or you can’t disconnect and move forward, take a moment. Stop. Breathe. Focus on this person or situation or circumstance. Then, say to yourself, I give you back your energy with Love and Light (most of the time, I include Love and Light, but you don’t have to ;)). I will either see my right hand pushing energy out to that person or situation as I return it and let go of it or I will physically move my hand. Next, say to yourself, I take back my energy. See your right hand now pulling your energy back to you, separating away from the energetic exchange, and only receiving back what is yours. You can, again, physically move your hand if you’d like. This is something you can do anywhere at any time.

The more you use this the easier it will become to take your energy and your power back and let go of what is not yours to carry around.

My Coach’s Request to You: Get the recording and start using it. Add it to your Personal Success Library. Become mindful of yourself as an energetic being in energetic exchange with the Universe and everyone and everything in it. Be responsible for your own spiritual hygiene. And watch your world change!