It’s been a long journey, a lot of fun, a lot of roller coaster rides, since I first turned my life into an experiment for the Law of Attraction in 2003. By 2007, I had turned my passion and adventure into a business, and by 2009, I had created a full-time business sharing my journey with others and supporting and guiding you through your own roller coaster moments.

Last year, I had my graphic designer take my entire body of work, Master the Art of Taking Action, and turn it into a road map. You can get that for free. Recently, I called in my graphic designer again to have her help me put into words this formula I am just calling the IOA for now so that you could understand it more easily. A picture really is worth a thousand words, and when you look at this picture, you are going to start getting this on so many different levels. Which is great, because that is exactly how it works!

You see, I am always aware of what motivates me and especially what keeps me up at night, and these days I am really focused on helping you see how much achieving Intuitive Success can expand and impact your life in the most amazing ways. I am here to support and guide you in making a commitment to yourself to do the energetic work first – to develop your intuition, manage your energy and master your mindset. Clear the mental and emotional clutter and begin receiving the inspiration that is there for you before you start taking action.

Action is what manifests things for you on the third-dimensional plane, right here, so it shows up in your life. But you don’t want to take just any action, and you don’t want to just be doing, doing, doing; you want to learn to receive inspiration and then experience the power that comes with taking Inspired Action. It is important to first develop these gifts, abilities, and skills in your life, and then to learn to use the IOA formula – Intention, Opportunity, Action. The IOA integrates these three action steps with the use of your intuition, your energy, and your mindset. The result is Magic!

Believe me, I don’t say that lightly. I have to tell you, over the past few years, the comment I get most often from others is that I really know how to manifest. People are always asking me to tell them my latest manifesting stories. I have a lot of them. And this is how I do it! Finally, I am able to put words to it, so you can do it for yourself. Are you excited?

This allows you to take your dreams and vision and live into them here and now so they actually show up in your physical world. You learn first to reconnect your spiritual and creative energy with your physical reality, and then you learn how to Master the Art of Taking Action. But remember, not just any action. INSPIRED ACTION.

The best news is, you don’t even have to ask yourself, well, is this right for me? Will this help me right now? Maybe, I’m not ready. I don’t have all my ducks in a row. I made space for this in my life plan, but later. I’m setting the stage. I’m setting the table. STOP! I am an expert at helping people get into action, and I will tell you this – this works with baby-steppers, and it works with ledge-leapers. I work with both, and the results are the same. The reason it works is because it all works with your energy.

You’ve got to get to the Action. The truth is, it takes third-dimensional action to create third-dimensional results. It takes massive third-dimensional action to create massive third-dimensional results. That means, you have to come out of your head and come out of the ethers and make this thing happen for you in real time. It’s so much better that way. Really.

Stay tuned, because I’m going to be writing and talking a lot more about the IO and about Intuitive Success. I have a lot of great resources for you all the time over on my website. Make sure we’re connected on Facebook, too, because I am there every day, and I talk back to you.

Right now, I want to motivate you to get moving in the direction of your dreams and desires and to see how important it is to learn to use your intuition and your energy as the two most powerful tools you have, because they are, and I want you to see that your mindset determines a good 80% of your results, all the time.

And then, as your Personal Success Coach, I want to urge and encourage you to start getting into action and to learn to do it in a way that works with both your energy and the energy of the Universe. You can do that by learning how to Master the Art of Taking Inspired Action.

If this is already speaking to you big time, I would love to talk with you now. After several years of serving my clients and students and getting feedback about how I best give and how you best receive, I have updated my page explaining how you can work with me. I have taken the ways I work best with people, because they are my favorite ways, and also the ways my clients and students have gotten the best results, and I have laid them out for you in just a few options, that, again, make it easier for you to recognize the next step that is best for you and step up into it. Which option are you ready to choose?

I am being really bold here with you, and I realize that. I am committed to not allowing you to stay in your stories any longer that keep you in scarcity and lack and fear and all the other yucky, gunky stuff you have unconsciously created. I am giving you a loving, gentle push here into your own greatness, and, yes, most likely out of your comfort zone. I promise I won’t ever ask you to do anything that I haven’t already done myself. So, how about it? I’m ready when you are.