I teach people how to Show Up. Be You. Make Money.

And I do it by applying The Marketing to Make It Work and The Mindset to Make It Happen.

There are plenty of proven strategies out there, and the key is to choose a Coach, get support and guidance, and implement what they give you.

Often, I need the right strategies to make something work. I get what I need to know, I get a better understanding, and I take Action. I can have a great attitude and a “Can Do” spirit, but I need to know what has worked for others doing what I want to do and having what I want to have, and I need to do it.

Sometimes, though, I can have those strategies and even be implementing them, but it’s still not happening. That’s when I need to work on my Mindset.

Emotional Business Management is as important to your work as Business Management is. Don’t overlook it. When you feel really stuck, it can be the key.

When you find yourself here, take these 3 steps before getting back into Action.

seeitbelieveitwd1. Take Interest. Pay attention to something specific. Focus on it. Be definite and concerned in a positive way about it. What are you thinking about with Joy, Pleasure and Satisfaction? What are you seeing in your world right now? Notice what you notice. You will see in the outer world what is already existent in your mind. Your thoughts create Emotions, and Emotions are Energy In Motion. Learn to read the feedback. Choose what you are interested in and paying attention to. What we think about, we bring about. You will see what you are looking for.

Here is where you can get tripped up. You may be interested in and paying attention to things that are not Prosperous, Joyful, and Healthy, things you don’t want, and you then are not able to see the very things you desire most and overlook the solutions to your perceived problems. You very likely have some toxic thought habits that, if shifted, could change your world.

Are you ready to do something about it, rather than just wishing and praying? Allow your highest interests to govern your thoughts.

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2. Give Daily Attention To Your Good. Whatever you are interested in, let that direct your Actions. What are you giving daily attention to? Where are you directing your time, energy and resources? Whenever you catch yourself giving these things to something that does not please you and bring you Joy, turn away from it, starve it of attention and energy, and do something in the direction of your good instead. You will begin to see differently, to notice different things, and to bring into your world the means to achieve what you desire. What small worries and petty grievances are you allowing to steal your precious energy and drain you of it? What do you most want to give your attention and interest to? Do that today.

Determine what you believe in and what you value, then make sure your daily life and actions reflect that. The more you do this, the more it will become a new habit, the kind of habit you want, that creates success. Begin with one thought, and when you can hold it steadily, build upon it. Free your mind of thinking about those things you don’t want. When we are able to make these corrections within ourselves, they will then show up in our outer world. New thoughts. New emotions. New actions. New feedback.

wdseeitbelieveit3. Expect What You Desire. Expect that what you desire will come to you. Expect your good that you have been giving attention to. You may have heard before that many have it wrong when they say, “I will believe it when I see it.” In Truth, You will see it when you believe it. When you believe and expect to receive what you want, your interest and attention is activated in intensity. Your energies call it forth. I am not saying this is easy. It takes practice. It is like building a muscle. Practice holding this place for as long as you can until you can do more.

Concentrate on something you want right now. How much do you believe in the probability of your success? When you believe in the probability of your success, you take more interest in your work which, in turn, intensifies your expectation. You build your expectation by first building up your interest and attention. You are able to receive only as much as you expect. This applies to money, success, health and happiness. Everything, really. If you have fear or doubt that your needs will not be met or that you will not or cannot receive all that you desire, then you will receive that much and no more. Know this, too, that when you are asking for something in one breath and in the next think about why you can’t, won’t or shouldn’t have it, you scatter that energy, you lose that interest and attention, and you forfeit the power of expectation. You will, then, only bring to you what your lesser thoughts believe and expect.

When you can change your thoughts so firmly that you know with certainty that you will have what you desire and that there will be no failure, when you are able to expect what you are interested in and give your attention to, then you will have success. Every time you work on this in your life, your mind becomes strengthened and you build new healthy thought habits, which causes the toxic thought habits to fall away.

Your mind then becomes a very powerful tool to help you see the way to whatever you desire and help you draw to you what you want most. Desire. Expect. Achieve.

If you are looking for help with The Marketing to Make It Work and The Mindset to Make It Happen, you can connect with me at www.michellebarr.com/contact.

Don’t forget to Go to www.ProfitableEmotion.com and take the Free Assessment that will help you Discover Your Profitable Emotions and where you can get derailed.