Speaking for Your Business is the most effective way for you to build a personality-branded platform based on your uniqueness.
? ? You have a unique combination that creates a unique contribution for you to bring to the marketplace and the world.
Here are the main things to consider in discovering this unique combination and how you will use it to create your profitable and sustainable business:
Your Life Experiences
Your Work History and what you took from each position and place
Your Credibility both personally and professionally, including things you have been a part of and things you have accomplished
Your Powerful Personal Stories; identify the story you will lead with right now
Your Challenges and Victories; your highest and lowest moments in this lifetime, and how they are related
Your Natural Gift and Abilities
Your Learned Skills and Strengths
Be able to answer these questions to engage your audience —
1. Who am I to talk about this?
2. What about all this would make people want to pay me for it?
3. What makes me special? What can someone only get from me in the way I offer it?
➡️ Success in speaking for your business begins with identifying your unique combination and then monetizing it into a unique contribution. You need to learn how to speak about yourself and your business in a way that creates perceived value from the audience who will buy from you.