ConfusedConfusion. It’s one of the things I most often see keeping people stuck. Whenever you get stuck in Confusion, the first thing you want to do is to remember your touchstone, your Vision. The clearer your Vision, the easier it is to make decisions and choices, because each choice you come to is an opportunity to make a decision that will either move you toward or away from your Vision.

Ask yourself, “What is my priority right now? What can I do right now to make this happen?”

Go back to your Vision, and then go back to the question, and that will help you get out of Confusion when you are faced with all these different pieces, remembering that everything moves you either away from or toward your Vision.

Every day, you will have decisions. There will be choice points in every moment, and the more you are aware of this, you won’t get stuck in it. You will keep moving forward. Keep doing this until it becomes easier, until it becomes more natural in a flow and habit.

At first, it’s like training, like an Olympic athlete having to train. You’re really having to rewire yourself physiologically, you’re having to reset your mindset. You’re having to reset the mode of whether you’re responding or reacting. You’re have to reset the way you interact with your environment and the people and the things in your environment. Know that this is a process.

Get very good at being willing to stop and make that change and make that shift. Keep revisiting your Vision. At first, when you wake up every morning, make it a habit, make it a part of your success plan, your personal success strategy, to bring that Vision to mind and recommit yourself to it and then move forward into your day.

That way, it’s on top of your mind. You’ve programmed your subconscious to understand exactly what to be looking for, because you’ve said, “Here’s what I want. Here’s my big Vision.” We have millions of bits of information that come into our sensory perception throughout every day, and you have a reticular activating system in your body that says, “Pay attention to this; don’t pay attention to that.”A lot of time, when we’re getting a lot of Confusion, we start asking questions, and questions are very good in the right energy. What we tend to do is get into a state of constriction, where we’re almost folding in over ourselves and asking questions.

Sometimes, we’re asking questions that aren’t helping. “Why? Why is this always happening to me? Why can’t I make it work? What’s going on here? I don’t know what to do.” It brings constricting energy. It brings constriction of everything within us. You do not want to get into that space.

What you want to do is come into a state of expansion where you’re asking open-ended questions. Again, when you’re asking, “Why is this always happening to me?” The Universe will always answer any question, anything you send out, and those tend to have a lot of energy, a lot of feeling behind them. What you’ll get is consistent evidence of why this is happening to you. What that’s going to look like is more and more lessons, more and more of what you believe always happens to you, never happens to you, whatever it is.

When you ask, “Why is this always happening to me? Why can’t I?,” you’re asking for feedback. The Universe is going to give it to you, and it’s going to look like more of what you don’t want.

So, when you stop and you get into a state of expansion, you want to ask questions that the Universe can bring you answers to. You want to say, “What is possible? What could be better? What could be more? How can I make an impact today? How can I make more money today? How can I be in a more loving relationship today?”

Whatever you are asking, the Universe is answering, so keeping yourself in a state of Confusion is always a choice. There is something you are refusing to see, or there is something you are refusing to respond to. It’s there. Wherever there is a need and a desire, there is also the ability to fulfill it. Now.

When you are faced with Confusion, a couple of things are going on. The first thing you do is say, “Oh, this is Confusion.” You can choose to stay in a confused state. I will tell you, if you’re staying in a confused state for any length of time, you’re choosing to  do that, and it’s serving you. Then, you need to go back and take honest inventory and figure out why you are needing to stay in this state.

When faced with Confusion, there is always something you can do to move out of Confusion.

One, your Purpose is not clear enough, and you are not attached enough to it. You haven’t bought into it. You can’t envision it enough. You’re not fully there, or you don’t fully believe it can happen. You don’t have a strong enough “Why?”

Go back, at this point, to your Purpose, Vision and Why, and work on these things. Explore your vision. Explore your Mission. Explore your Dreams, and explore your Truth. Your Purpose is the fuel. The Confusion is the brakes.

Another thing that can be going on is that you have a conflict within you. You may not be aware of it. It’s very likely you aren’t. You are not in alignment in all levels of your awareness.

Parts of you are on board. Inside of you, you have all these different levels of awareness, and there are parts of you that are not buying into the Vision and are not going there, because they have determined some level of it not being safe or not being comfortable, or there’s a belief that’s getting in the way. These beliefs can be getting in the way and putting on the brakes.

The other thing that can be going on is that you don’t know. You get into confusion, and you get overwhelmed. “I lack the skills. I lack the resources.” In this case, determine what is going on and what you need to know to move forward. If this is the case, ask yourself, “Hey, what do I need to know?” “Do I really not know?” This is where you start chunking it down, if it feels really big.

Just start with, “What is one thing I need to know?” and take an action in that direction.

Be willing to take a look at yourself and see which of these things is going on. Take 100% responsibility to push through your Confusion. Recognize it as Resistance. Once you determine which of these things is going on, you need to sit down and say, “What do I need to do right now?” You know. By now, you know what you need to do next. And, then, you ask yourself this, and this is where the rubber meets the road, “Am I willing to do this?”

I cannot tell you how many people, and you will know this is true, how many people know exactly what they need to do next, and they’re just not doing it. They keep saying, “I don’t know what to do next,” or, “I can’t do what I need to do next.” “I don’t have the time.” “I don’t have the money.” “I don’t know where to start.”

It’s that simple. Because once you get honest with yourself, and you start asking yourself these questions and answering them, Boom! ”What do I need to do next?” ”I know this is what I need to do next.” ”Am I willing to do this, yes or no?” Yes? Okay, now you know what you need to do next! No? Okay, now you are being honest, and you really aren’t confused at all.

And now you are getting Clarity, and that is the first step to move you forward in the direction of your dreams and desires to create a better life now!

If your answer here is “No,” then it’s time to go back to emotional and mindset mastery, energy management, intuitive development and taking honest inventory. These are all aspects of my 90 Days to Transformation Program.

Regardless, you keep working through it. You don’t stop. If you’re asking yourself questions, you take it to deeper and deeper levels. You don’t get stuck in Confusion.

There is always a way forward from wherever you now stand.

If it’s too big, you chunk it down. You chunk it way down. You chunk it way, way down, and you seek help and guidance when you need it.

“I’m confused. I’m stuck.” is an excuse. Confusion is a defense mechanism. It does not serve you. It creates a story, and allows you to live in that story, if you choose. It is a distraction, and it is ultimately avoidance.

Recognize it. Own it. Push through Resistance into Receptivity. Get started right now.

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