meandchildren“Nothing at all will be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.” — Samuel Johnson

OMG, to say what I have just experienced is amazing just doesn’t even do it justice. Really, there are no words, and yet this experience has given me many, many words for you. I’m going to be sharing so much with you over the next few weeks that can change your life right now… if you let it.

Everything I do for me I also do for you, and so you were right there with me the whole time. I was talking to you in my head, I was listening to you and feeling your unmanifested desires.

Everything I experience since I turned my life into an experiment for the Law of Attraction in 2003 first comes through me and then out to you.

So, hop in, because I’m going to take you for a ride through My Giveback Journey to Africa.

First things first; how did I make this happen? How did I get myself there? Because, I  know you have a desire, a dream to do a giveback of your own, and, yet it always seems to get put off for another time when things are different.

A year ago, I heard about this trip, and I knew I had to go.  I just knew. And I didn’t allow myself to start swimming around in any objections. I have learned better, and so now I do better. I made a huge shift in my life when I stopped saying, I can’t afford that, or, I don’t have the money for that. I started asking, instead, tell me what that costs so I can create the money for it.

womenofthehouseI stepped in. I signed the contract. I made the commitment. I put down the down payment. And then I got to work Being Me more and Doing Me more.

You see, I have learned that when I need to create more money, I need to put more value out into the world. I need to be more of me, to show up more and to put myself and my work out into the world more. And the Universe comes in and connects all the dots. So, that’s what I did!

And the money started showing up, the clients started coming in. This isn’t tit for tat here. All you have to do is your part. The money came in from all kinds of places. And, a year later, I was paid up, with money in the bank for my time during the trip, and I was on my way.

Something else spectacular happened! I manifested a first-class ticket for the 17-hour flight that came to me as an unexpected gift. I didn’t even ask for it. I was just out there Being Me and Doing Me and making this trip happen, and I was in the Joy of it.

This is one of the reasons we get into this work in the first place, to give back, to  be of service. It’s just that too many of us give ourselves and our work away until we are depleted and have no more to give, and so we stop. That was me just a few years ago.

Now, here I am, giving from a full well, and it works so much better, for me and all the people I am now able to give back to!

This is possible for you, to live this way. I know, because I was once where you are now, and I got myself here. Now, my passion is to help you do the same.

I built this wall.

I built this wall.

While I was in Africa, I helped build a house, and I taught a school for women learning to be entrepreneurs and better their circumstances. I am going to share more with you about them next time.

The biggest objection I get from people when they call me for help is money, so I wanted to address this first. I work with my clients on their money stuff in big ways. It’s a key piece of the work I do with people just like you. Because, I want to see more money in the hands of heart-centered helpers and healers and givers just like you.

You say you believe in an Infinite and Abundant Universe, right? So, why aren’t you living as an example of it?

Do you want to be?

I have spaces right now for private clients and am starting the next 90 Days To A Bigger Business for Intuitive Women Entrepreneurs in just a few weeks.

Let’s talk about you and your unmanifested desires and how I can help you right now.