handbasketblogIt always makes me sad when I have a client right there at a breakthrough who no-shows her next appointment. I know that means she is right there, doing the work, and things are changing. But she doesn’t always know that. She is knee-deep in the discomfort and the pain, suddenly feeling like she’s fighting for her life. And in this moment, nothing could be more appealing than going back to the familiar, and numbing out.

Right this moment, everything in your world exists because it is an energetic match to you. It is in alignment with your energy. When you change, your energy shifts, and everything and everyone around you responds to it.

This can show up as people who suddenly start getting irritated or upset or being very emotional around you. Your children may act out. Your pets may get sick. Things in your home may start breaking down. I have had all of these things happen to me.

I find this particularly happens when I go away to a conference or retreat where I am doing a lot of inner work and shifting into new awareness and insight. Two years ago, I attended a conference that changed me profoundly and shifted the path of my business, as well. When I came home from that trip, my husband was a wreck over a bunch of little things, one of my children was acting out, and my dog was sick all night long up on my return. Within the next two weeks, two of my air conditioning units broke down, and then my water heater went out.

During that time what you need to do most is often the most challenging thing to do. You need to hold your energy in that new space. You need to center and ground and stay put while all chaos swirls around you. When you do that, you allow everyone and everything to resettle in new energetic alignment with you, and you hold the change you have worked for. If you can hold steady for two weeks, things will shift again in your favor. And the payoff will arrive.

Unfortunately, what we often do and what I did for many years was read this wrong. You think, I must not be meant to move in this direction. I’m obviously not supported by Spirit in this. My timing is off; I should try again when everyone else is in a better space.

I had a wonderful Coach who taught me about this at the time I was going crazy in my world. She calls it Dissonance. I also talk about it as Resistance. Once you know what it is, and you can expect it, you can be more free to move forward. Use what is happening around you as tools for transformation. My coach’s help at this time was invaluable. Because of it, I have changed so much of my life in the past two years and created it like I want it.

It can feel awful, I know. But it doesn’t have to.

When you don’t know this, you can get stuck. Just as you are coming into contact with your big dream, have started setting intentions and goals for yourself, and are beginning to really reach toward the good things like freedom, prosperity, abundance, health, wealth, and success, and, ultimately, living an authentic life… you begin to invest the commitment and effort, and then come to a screeching halt in the face of what shows up first. This causes you to lose momentum, wonder if it’s worth it, and fall back into what is comfortable and safe.

Notice, though, that I said, what comes first. It does come first. The stuff. But it’s a necessary and integral part of the process, and once you understand it, you can use it to create magnificent results.

Now I know it’s a beautiful sign that I am exactly where I am meant to be, doing exactly what I am meant to be doing. I take it as a sign that I’ve got this, I am so close. It helps me keep going.

And so, when my clients come to me and tell me that all hell has broken loose in their lives, we look at it together, and I tell them, you’re doing the work! You’re so close, maybe just three feet from gold. Keep going! Hold steady for a couple of weeks. Center and ground, claim your new energetic space, then allow everyone and everything else to come into new resonance with you.

Don’t let this part of the process get you stuck in inaction. Use this part of the process of manifesting to get unstuck, recover your momentum, and to move powerfully into your greatest vision for your life. Suddenly, your path becomes clearer, a way opens for you, and you can see the possibilities before you. By learning to transform your resistance into powerful tools for transformation, you can move forward into allowing and receiving all that you desire and deserve.

My Coaches have been integral to my progress along my path. They have served me in numerous ways, and I am so grateful. I would love to do this for you now, to support and guide you to success. If you are ready to work with a Coach, contact me, and let’s talk.