freedom fishYou have got to hear about this!

I had a call yesterday that is one of those moments that makes living in your purpose worth it, no matter what.

I have a client who came to me a year ago. She was a lawyer earning six figures and feeling like she was not living her purpose, had gifts emerging that she wanted to express, and she was working in a toxic environment that was making her sick. But she was making really, really good money, and she was the primary breadwinner for her family, and she had children, and her husband’s job was on shaky ground, and the house needed major repairs. And. And. And.

The first thing I did with her on our first call was to help her subconscious mind stop spinning and draining her energy. I asked her, tell me a date you absolutely will no longer tolerate living like this. She told me January 4, 2015. At the time, it felt very far off. We were at the end of 2013, just heading into 2014. But this helped a lot, because it kept her mind from asking her every day, how long are you going to stay here, when will this be over, how much more of this can you take?

Then we started to do the work.

We created a Vision of the life she wanted to live. We looked at what was showing up that she didn’t want. We looked at what she already had that she did want.

I helped her start building the business of her dreams.

And her stuff came up. I mean, it really came up.

She didn’t back down.

She worked on her oldest, most painful stuff that was holding her back. She peeled layer after layer of it away, and great and wonderful things emerged.

She faced her fears. She worked her way through anxiety attacks.

She kept building her business, and the blessings came as she began to Be and Do more and more in her purpose every day.

These are techniques I use with my clients a lot, especially the ones who come to me and want to leave the situations they are in and create new ones.

The more we did this work, the more Spirit intervened on her behalf. She learned to leave the how’s to the Universe, and the Universe made connections, lined up opportunities and cleaned things up for her.

It’s been an amazing journey to watch and an amazing journey to be a part of. We have both been blessed in the process.

When she first came to me, and she didn’t believe what she desired was possible, wasn’t certain that what she was being called to do was doable, I stood in a place and held space for her. I believed…

… because I had done it myself, and I knew.

Yesterday, she quit her job. She is owed paid time that she will receive money for but no longer have to show up in that place, and when it’s all said and done, it will be January 4, 2015!

She is already creating income with her own Spiritual Business, and the moment she let go, new opportunities began to show up, all coming together to show her, you are supported, you are taken care of, you did the right thing. Bravo!

Someone, hand me a Kleenex! It was a moment to behold. In that moment, I trusted it all. Again.

The journey’s not over yet. In fact, it’s just beginning. I am talking about the journey where you create a Vision of the life you want to live and then create a business that supports and sustains it.

Come on, I tell her, I know the way. I’ve been doing this a little while. I’ll hold space for you, and I’ll hold your hand.

She and I will be continuing our journey together through 2015. She said, I still need you. I know. I haven’t been without a Coach since 2009, and I wouldn’t be.

I love working with people at this level, bringing all my gifts to the table to support and guide you through the inner work and the outer work.

I have made space in my calendar to work with 6 clients at this level in 2015. You need to be willing to show up. You need to be willing to stay in it for the long haul to get the results you want. You need to trust me and trust the process.

Come on. I know the way. I’ve been doing this a little while. I’ll hold space for you, and I’ll hold your hand.

Let’s Talk.