This is what my website banner looked like when I was first starting out! While my website has changed and my business grown and evolved, this concept is still one I feel very passionate about, especially as we close up another year and open the door to a new one. It kept showing up today as I was looking around in my documents for some stored materials, and so I thought I would share it with you.
Do you ever feel like you’re trapped in a life of mediocrity or that living a “normal” life no longer serves you?
You have gifts, and you are becoming more and more aware of how gifted you are and your desire to share your gifts with the world.
The life you are living no longer feels real to you. You long for something that is more in alignment with living your truth.
Yet, you are holding yourself back.
This happens when we are doing more of our creating unconsciously than consciously. No matter what our dreams and desires, we are operating from a limited place where our limiting beliefs, bad habits, unhealthy patterns, and toxic emotions have control.
What we end up with is a little bit of exactly what we do want and a whole lot of exactly what we don’t want.
I recently posted an article, “Why Am I Creating What I Don’t Want?” In it, I ask the question, “How much of the time are you consciously creating, showing up as a Co-Creative partner with the Universe?” THIS is so important because THIS results in much more creating what you DO want. Now is the time to get clarity around this, to make a decision, commit your energy in a direction and take a next step that will move you in the direction of your dreams and desires and set the stage for an amazing 2017 in which you create your own Sacred Success.
When we begin to dream big dreams, to set intentions and goals for ourselves, when we begin to strive for a more extraordinary life, everything that is not in alignment with that rises up to be healed or transformed. We need to heal so that we can move forward and step out of mediocrity into our most extraordinary expression and experience.
Do you feel trapped in a life of mediocrity and, at the same time, feel pulled toward a more extraordinary life lived by a more extraordinary version of you?
Do you wish to transcend that which keeps you stuck in the “normal” and mediocre?
I see the truth that lives within you. I hold the grandest vision of the greatest version of you.
I see your gifts.
And, I see how you are holding yourself back.
Now is the perfect time to create your extraordinary life, to transcend self-imposed limits and break free from mis-creating unconsciously.
You have everything inside of you in this moment that you need.
There are no failures, no mistakes. You are on your path, always, and this is your journey. You get to choose what step you will take next. As we move quickly out of 2016 and into 2017, what next step will you take?
Your WHOLE Life Is Waiting.
What are YOU waiting for?