Dear Reluctant Spiritual Teacher/Spiritual Leader,

I have seen a recurring theme with my clients and my community this year, and I wanted to take the opportunity to speak directly to you as you have shown up here in this time and space to be a part of this shared journey. It’s a big path, I know that. I have been walking it for a while. And so I do not set out this year to focus my work on supporting you lightly. I know what is in store for you. And, still, I am moved beyond words to step up myself and continue in this way.

You are at a huge choice point right now to do this thing or not do it, and your DESIRE has to be really big, your WHY really big. It does take consistent action and continuous moving forward, especially in the beginning. And it takes a good amount of support and guidance. For you must yourself utilize the resources of those who are like who you are stretching to become.

At this point, it is imperative that you get clear and then look for the opportunities that would open up now, show themselves now, so that you could step into this, if it is what you want. They may not look convenient, and they may not be the way you want them to be – I have learned that for sure, but when I trust and follow the bread crumbs, it all comes together so amazingly that I realize I could not have orchestrated it better myself.

When you feel lost, start asking, and then look for the bread crumbs. Now, follow them.

Reconnect with what you believe, what you truly believe, even when you cannot see the evidence of it right now. Do you believe in an Abundant Universe? Do you believe it is available for you? Do you believe we can create what we want and need to move forward?

When there is a hesitant energy, a stalling, or a stopping and starting, there is a need to decide and commit… or not. Something big must show up to carry you through. You can ask for it, and then grab it when it shows up, and ride the wave.

Do some talking to the Universe, some clear, focused and grounded communication from the depths of you, then see – really see – what shows up as opportunity. What intentions do you really set for yourself right now, and what is the answer from the Universe?

Do that for a few days – 72 hours or so – then let me know what you experience. Expect the perfect opening.



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P.S. This message is infused with energy, so as you read it, receive what else is here.