dearclientWords to one of my clients who is experiencing the journey of the Spiritual Teacher today in a very big way:

Remember this. All of this “stuff” means you are on the right path.

You have set big intentions. You have taken aligned action, a lot of it. You are asking, and the Universe is trying to give you what you are asking to be, do and have.

The “stuff” that comes up is anything in your world that is energetically connected to you that will not be able to move with you to this new space in its current form. It is showing up to be cleared, healed and resolved. It has always been there, and sometimes driving your bus, and now it is making itself known, because it won’t serve you and will block you from fully being, doing and having what you are asking for.

When we don’t identify and clean it up ourselves, the stronger our desire gets, the more that goes out to the Universe, the Universe is really doing its part to get to us what we are asking for, and we end up in what looks and feels like crisis. This is all stuff that is better to deal with now rather than when you are transitioning out of your job into something new, and when you are very busy with all your new clients and a new schedule.

This happens every time. Knowing this and knowing it signals you are on the right track, and it’s a key part of the manifestation process and what happens right before you get all the good stuff can help, when you can rise above it for a little bit and see the illusion that you are in trouble or everything is falling apart.

I have gone through it so many times that I know this to be true.

Stay with it. Hold your center. Hold your ground. Spend time doing what raises and holds you in high vibration.

Everything you are desiring and asking for is just on the other side of this. Trust is a huge part of this process. Trust on a level you may never have had to trust before.

I have seen over and over and over again, from the beginning of this journey, when you step out and say, I am going to be a psychic, a medium, a healer, a Spiritual Teacher, a Spiritual Leader, you step out on a path that is more amazing than anything you have ever experienced, and it grows you like nothing else. You are committing to being a vessel for Spirit, and Spirit has to help clean you out to do the work at the highest level. Such is the journey of the Spiritual Teacher. It is so profound, I feel compelled to serve those who I see are being called to be Spiritual Teachers and serve them on the journey I myself have walked.