timetodecideHere is something you want to ask first, right now, so you can be sure to create want you really want in 2015.

Setting intentions is great. Consciously creating what we want and creating much less of what we don’t want is an empowering way to live, and fun, too.

You have this calling, this nudging, these gifts, this connection to your Higher Self and to Spirit, however you experience that, and the feeling is growing stronger. It’s happening. Every day, people I see as emerging Spiritual Teachers, the helpers and healers, the intuitives, the coaches, the speakers, the authors and teachers, are showing up in my world and reaching out to me.

I love that. I love to talk to you and explore how I can best support and guide you and how I can best serve you in your mission, your vision, your dreams and the expression of your truth. You have a message inside of you that you feel compelled to bring into the world. It’s the way to all the abundance you are seeking, all the joy you want to truly have in your life.

And, here’s the thing. People are waiting for you. Right now. People are waiting for you to step up so they can step in.

I can tell you this for certain, because I have been doing a lot of stepping up over the past years, and especially in 2014, and every time I did, more people showed up who were called to what I have to offer. The feedback I received is that people are being touched, lives are being changed, and in the process, my life more than ever. That’s the way it works, and I love it. It’s what I want for you. It’s what I can help you with.

What I had to do first, when I came to a critical crossroad, is what you might be ready for right now that will change everything, that will unstick you and bring to you what you have been asking for. The energy is waiting for you to do this very thing. First.

Read on!

Make a clear decision, support yourself 100%, and begin taking aligned action in that direction. That’s where I come in, to support you, to guide you, to teach and train you, and to coach you to your own personal Sacred Success.

Don’t let another day of this new year go by without putting your stake in the ground and declaring to the Universe and your Self where you stand.

How are you going to use your gifts in 2015? You know that if you are not using them, you will be dissatisfied, you will lack the abundance you crave, you will be uncomfortable, and you will continue to feel called.

You get to choose! That’s the good news.

So, are you going to use your gifts in a volunteer capacity and do other things to make money and support yourself? Some people do this. They use their gifts through non-profits and organizations and Churches. And that’s great.

But DON’T go out into the world and just give yourself away. It creates a lot of what you don’t want. And a lot of people do this, then resent it, wear themselves out, and wonder why their lives aren’t what they want to be living.

Or, are you going to do what you are called to do in the world as a hobby and fund this hobby through other means? Some people do this. But, you need to be very clear that this is what you are doing. Otherwise, you mix up the energies, for yourself and for those you serve. The worst thing you can do is to think you have a business and then find yourself running a very expensive hobby. Been there. Done that.

I have been a Personal and Spiritual Growth and Development Coach and Healer and Counselor and Minister for many years, and this is something I can help you decide and navigate so you can create a better life now and live into the vision of how you want to be living.

I am also a Spiritual Business Mentor and Intuitive Strategist, Business Coach and Mindset Mentor, so I am looking for those of you who are ready to decide that you are, indeed, running or going to run a business. I help you first create a Vision of the life you want to be living and then create a business that supports and sustains that life. This is what I have been doing since going through the heartbreak of closing my very expensive hobby, standing at this crossroads and making a clear and strong decision.

My life and my work and my business have been incredible ever since! Do this for yourself now. Once you make this very important and crucial decision, you open up and allow yourself to work with the energies that support you and your own life force energy, and you are able to attract to you what you want and make it successful.

Otherwise, you end up with a mess, and that mess starts showing up in your life in a big way.

My Coach’s Request To You: Take some time to reflect on this today, and give yourself this gift. Make this decision. Decide to support yourself 100%. Begin taking aligned action in that direction. Get the support you need.

Visit my website, take a look at the offerings I have to support and guide you this year, and step in. Stand in your Power, and create a life you love, a better life now. The energy of this moment is ripe for this very thing and just waiting for you to engage consciously.

I have several ways to work with you this year, and I am ready to start now. I have new clients stepping in every week, and I am able to take 5 new clients a month. I launched a 90-Day Program that will really get things started and get you into action and consciously creating a bigger and better business right now, getting your message and your gifts into the world and creating the money you need to sustain you and be in business now. I also have my Spiritual Business School Course, and my group and private coaching programs – EMERGE, EXCEL and EVOLVE.

Reach out to me and tell me what you want, and let’s get this thing figured out and get going. I look forward to talking with you soon.