Show Up. Be You. Make Money.

That’s what I teach the Helpers and Healers of the world to do, to build a profitable business, to build and grow an Online Presence and Platform so you can make more money while making a bigger difference.

Sound simple? It is one of the most intensive personal and spiritual growth and development journeys you could ever enroll in. And this catches a lot of my Clients by surprise.

It caught me by surprise when I first stepped out into the world and the marketplace with my gifts.

It can bring up all your “stuff,” and it did! I put one foot in front of the other, armed with all my best motivational and inspirational tools I have gathered in my Personal Success Library.

“I Am Ready to build my business! I Am ready to answer my calling! I am ready to do what it takes!”

The reality? I found myself dealing with the “stuff” I thought I had already handled in all my years of Personal and Spiritual Growth. And I wanted to pull my hair out. “This again?!”

I teach my Clients both The Marketing to Make It Work and The Mindset to Make It Happen. It takes both. There are times in my own journey when I had the mindset, but I didn’t have the strategies, and my efforts fell flat. Other times, I had the proven strategies, and I was the one in my own way.

I did go on to build my own business. My first attempt was a very expensive hobby that caused financial disaster for me and my family and broke my heart. Then, I hired my first Business Coach and got back up with the knowledge, support and guidance I needed in the first place.

These are the first things I had to do to move past the expensive hobby and create a profitable online global business that I love.

  1. Own Your Value and Worth.

Typically, as Helpers and Healers, we overgive and undercharge. We give away a lot for free, hoping those people will see our value and worth and pay us. Then we are angry or resentful or just plain sad when they don’t. This is the number one thing you are going to have to work on to move forward and create the business and life you desire and deserve.

Don’t even get me started about asking for “love donations” instead of charging for your services. You are asking others to set your value and worth for you, and that never turns out well. Plus, you are sending the message that you don’t know or own your own value and worth.

Stop it!

The majority of you could stand to double your rates right now, but that takes owning your value and worth. And you’re going to have to put that into dollars and cents.

  1. Heal Your “Stuff”

This is the number one thing I used to get asked to speak about when I first turned things around in my business and my life. I still talk about it a lot today. In fact, I own www.healyourcrap.com.

There is as much BEing as DOing involved in this.

“When we begin to dream big dreams, to set intentions and goals for ourselves, when we begin to strive for prosperity, abundance, health, wealth and success, everything that is not in alignment with that rises up to be healed or transformed. We must heal so that we can soar.” – Michelle Barr, M.Ed.

But, please don’t sit still while you do all the inner work.

If you are a Healer, your healing will come through doing your work. Yeah, I learned this the hard way. You don’t have to.

And, you won’t encounter your really big “stuff,” the things that are keeping you from your greatness, until you get into Action.

In my 90-Day Unlimited Profits Coaching Program, I get my Clients into Action so that we can see what “stuff” is going to get in their way, then we can fully deal with it.

That is True Healing that changes your life.

manyspiritualpeopleescapeSpending too much time working on yourself and looking to others to fix you or clear you or heal you becomes a very dangerous game of Spiritual Escapism (TM). You end up with a rich inner life, while your physical life crumbles all around you.

  1. Invest In Yourself

Get ready for my soapbox, because if you are around me for very long, it’s guaranteed to show up. This is a biggie! And it often brings the most resistance.

I have not been without a Coach since 2009, and I wouldn’t be. It is what first helped me turn that expensive hobby around to unlimited profits. It was a major big decision I had to make that changed the game and my life. I wouldn’t hire a Coach that doesn’t have a Coach.

You will never be able to receive more from others than what you have invested in yourself.

This investment in yourself will cost you money, yes, and it may very well feel uncomfortable and inconvenient, and that’s okay. The time, energy, resources and money you will waste without the knowledge, support and guidance you need will cost you much more.

spiritualescapismIt is going to grow and stretch you. It has to. If you were already in that space, you would have all that you want and need.

  1. Monetize Your Magic

You can have the greatest gifts in the world, and you do! You have to learn how to take them into the marketplace so people can find you and buy you. The Universe does connect the dots, absolutely! You have to have channels open so your people can find you and step in.

There are plenty of proven strategies that work. Choose someone to be your Coach and Mentor who has been where you are, and who is being, doing and having what you want.

  1. Trust Yourself and Trust Spirit

This is an ever-evolving journey of trusting both Yourself and Spirit. Trust that what you are feeling inside and what you are desiring is true. It is Universal Law that if you have a Desire, a way has already been made. A Desire does not show up until the supply is there. It’s up to you to do your part. And for many of my Clients when they first come to me, ACTION is what’s missing.

When I say ACTION, I don’t mean a bunch of being busy and doing, doing, doing. I teach you how to Take Inspired Aligned Action.

I had to do three things to turn my business and my life around when I was stuck and spinning, having never made $50,000 in my business, and, even more, having never made $50,000 in my life. That’s right.

I had to:

  • Show Up.
  • Make A Decision.
  • Take Aligned Action.

I have been where you are. I can help you get to where you want to go. The first step is up to you.

You are uncertain. You are unclear. You are unfocused. You are letting the investment get in your way.

boomYet, you know deep inside that you can’t not do this any more.

If this is you, I am here, waiting.

  • Show Up.
  • Make A Decision.
  • Take Aligned Action.



You can reach me at Talk With Michelle Barr.