“There is always a way forward from wherever you now stand.”

When you want something better, something more for yourself, your most important first step is to realize that it is up to you to create a better life, and then know that you can do that starting right now.

Everybody who teaches about success principles is talking to you about taking action, and there’s a reason why. It is the place where dreams become reality, where desires are made manifest, and taking action is the only way to bring your vision into your waking world.

Action is what manifests things for you on the third-dimensional plane, right here, so it shows up in your life rather than remaining a thought or a dream. But you don’t want to take just any action, and you don’t want to just be doing, doing, doing; you want to learn to receive inspiration and then experience the power that comes with taking Inspired Action.

It is important to become conscious of your thoughts and your actions and make sure they are aligned. In every moment, there exists a choice point, and every choice you make either moves you toward or away from what you want.

You want to take your dreams and live into them here and now so they actually show up in your physical world, and you can do this by learning how to Master the Art of Taking Action. But remember, not just any action. INSPIRED ACTION.

The truth is, it takes third-dimensional action to create third-dimensional results. That means you have to come out of your head and come out of the ethers and make this thing happen for you in real time.

“Make A Decision. It all starts right here. As soon as you do, you will set things in motion, and the powers that be will conspire on your behalf. You have to take the first step. Every time.”

If you are ready to Create A Better Life Now!, my Coach’s Request to you is to make a Decision to do so and then get into Action. You can do this using my M.O.V.E. process.

It’s best to pick one area of your life and then pick one very specific thing. Don’t start with the most traumatic, high-charged issues. You want to set yourself up for success, because you’re building belief. “Look, I created it.” “I can do it. I’ll do it again.”

To begin the 4 step process, you’re going to pick this one thing.

The M.O.V.E. formula begins with you making a decision.

M = Make A Decision

An energy comes in that is so powerful when we make a decision. Once you make a decision, you make the decision to support yourself. If you want to say, this isn’t working, I don’t believe this, why did I do this, or you get into self-doubt, or blaming, whatever your negative coping skills are or the way you deal with anxiety and stress, or your bad habits, suspend those.

Make a decision, and then support your decision 100%. How many times do you make a decision, and then as soon as you’ve made the decision, you start second-guessing, doubting and what-iffing, and it’s a huge drain on your energy.

O = Own It

The second step is Own It. Now that you’ve made the decision, own it. Who are you now that you’ve decided to do this thing or not do this thing? To be this person or not be this person, to have this or not have this.

You start owning it. A whole energy starts working here. You’re telling your brain and your nervous system, and you’re telling your subconscious and your Higher Self. You’re telling everything inside you, and everything supporting you, “I am this, I am doing this, and I am having this.”

V = Visualize It

Then you start Visualizing it in a very powerful way that ignites your feelings, that involves your body, that works with your brain and your nervous system, and it works with your energy, and it works with your intuition.

E = Execute It

Now, you take action!

Do the energetic work first, and watch what happens in 30 days.

So M.ake a decision. O.wn it. V.isualize it, and E.xecute it. M.O.V.E.