You’re answering your calling, listening to the whisperings in your Soul, and following your heart…  now what?

buildyourfoundationNow, you need to take that dream out of your head and bring it into the world. And here’s where you get stuck. It can feel so big. And rather than no information, there is so much information out there these days about what to do and how to do it.

Here’s what can help you. There are 3 main things you must do to build and grow your Conscious Business, and everything else falls under one of these three things. This can help you see the big picture. It can help you focus. And organize.

So, take a piece of paper and make 3 columns. At the top of each column, label them as:

  • Build Your Foundation
  • Build Your Platform
  • Build Your Tribe

You should be doing activities regularly that fall under each one of these categories. They are all equally important.

Build Your Foundation:

You want to build the well-oiled machine that brings clients to your door and invites them into your community and serves them. All you need to get started doing this is a website, social media profiles, a PayPal account, and an e-mail contact system. Activities that fall under this category include creating or updating your website header, creating or updating your social media profiles, creating a great free gift to use as an opt-in, creating a schedule of consistent communication with your community, and having a solid structure for your main offerings. You want to Build the foundation that will support your business for years.

Build Your Platform:

Your platform tells people who you are, what you do, and what your overriding message is. Through the building and maintaining of your well-oiled machine, you begin to show up out there everywhere, and people begin to show up around you, wanting what you have to offer. Activities that fall under this category include developing your content and pushing it out through your well-oiled machine through blogs, videos, newsletters, solo e-mails, speaking live and speaking on radio shows and telesummits, sponsoring, and live events. You want to Build your platform to get your message out into the world and establish yourself as the expert that you are.

Build Your Tribe:

The secret to success is to build a community and serve them. You will gather to you people who are ready for your message, people who want to get somewhere that you can take them because of your own personal journey. Activities that fall under this category include promoting your free gift as an opt-in, holding and participating in list-building activities such as free preview calls and telesummits, and creating and promoting valuable content that people can show up and consume. Grow your list and expand your reach FAST by Building a tribe and then serving them.

It was not until I built the well-oiled machine that my business became able to grow and support and sustain the life I want to live. That’s one of the biggest payoffs of being a Conscious Entrepreneur and being on this entrepreneurial hero’s journey. You get to Vision the life you want to live and create the business that supports and sustains that life, and you get to change your business as your needs and desires for your life change.

Make your chart, add the 3 columns, and then begin listing what you are doing now to build and grow your business, and make sure you are doing activities that will help you to Build Your Foundation, Build Your Platform and Build Your Tribe.

In my Spiritual Business Blueprint, I teach you in 8 weeks how I did this, how I took a local expensive hobby and grew it into a full-time thriving, profitable global online business that allows me to do the work I love, the work I am called to do and made to do.

I wish the same for you.

I invite you to join my community of Conscious Entrepreneurs walking a path of personal and spiritual growth and development through the building and growing of their Conscious Businesses.