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Long, long ago in a land not far away from here, I answered a calling to step up and be who I am and do what I am made to do…

… and the journey began!

This is truly the Entrepreneurial Hero’s Journey that I set out on, a combination of both intense inner work and intentional aligned action so that the dream in my head could show up in my real world.

I have learned a lot building this Spiritual Business over the past few years, and I have started having more and more clients coming to me not just for personal and spiritual growth and development, but for serious shameless Spiritual Business Building. It’s my sweet spot, it’s what I love to do and am made to do, and that’s great for you!

You see, when I was struggling with my first business in this realm, and I was quickly seeing it becoming the most expensive hobby I have ever had, I looked around me, and I saw a lot of other sinking ships that I was grabbing onto. In fact, I was attached to some of them.

At that point, I made a very conscious decision to expand my journey, to leave my little space and find people out in the world doing what I wanted to do, being who I felt called to be, and having what I desired to have. I knew they were out there. It’s Universal Law that if you have desire, the way to receive that desire is also present. Even when my faith is tested, I believe in the infallible nature of Universal Law. I have built my business on it.

Three years ago, I went out there, and I found people, hundreds of them. I found great mentors and teachers and coaches and role models. I learned how to do this thing so I could keep doing it. My business – and my life – grew and grew.

It was a dream realized. And I want that same dream for you, and here’s why.

I know what you can do. I know what’s in your heart. I know there are people out there waiting for you to step up so they can step in. I know when you do this thing you are called to do, you will reach and touch hundreds and thousands. By helping you expand your reach, I expand my reach, too. And we impact the world.

I stayed with it, I answered the call, I kept going, and I built my Spiritual Business, I realized this dream, because of you.

I stand in this place and hold space for you, as a Mentor, a Teacher, a Coach, and a role model, to help you build the belief I so desperately needed and found three years ago. Someone did that for me, and now I can do that for you.

I recently created this training video which speaks directly to you, offering you clarity and a way forward, and I’d love for you to watch it.

Then, I’d love for you to schedule a time for us to talk. I’m offering you a complimentary consultation, so we can explore the dream that is in your head and make a plan to help you get that out into the world.

Welcome to Shameless Spiritual Business Building!