Soul Book Sessions…

Focused Insights

Sourcing the Answers You Need Now


Your Soul has all the answers you will ever need.

Through the Edit Your Life Live (TM) Soul Book Editing process

  • Get Clear on the Unique Aspects of Your Soul Purpose
  • Align Your Business with Your Soul Purpose
  • Discover What is Showing Up to Be Cleared, Healed and Resolved So You Can Move Forward
  • Release What Is In Your Way and Receive What Will Support You

Bring to the session 3 questions you want answered, and we’ll dive in, take a look, get the information you need, and clear, heal and resolve what is getting in your way.

I specialize in Questions about Soul Purpose, Business, and Relationships of all kinds.





Your investment for this 30-Minute Personal Session is $97.

Reserve your space now.

As soon as your payment is received, you will receive a link to my scheduler to schedule your personal session with me. You can contact us at any time at clientcare@michellebarr.com.



Here’s what others are saying about their Soul Book Session Experience!

“Thank you so much for giving your time to do a Soul Book Editing Session with me! During the whole session, I kept feeling tingles all over my body! It was amazing! You answered all of my questions and gave me good insight into what I need to do and work on within myself and my life. I have also had stronger intuitive moments after our session. I feel that after the session, my gifts have became stronger than they were before. Just absolutely amazing! I am also currently taking the steps I need to accomplish all I want to do in this life. Thanks again!” — Stephanie Floyd


“During our call, Michelle helped me understand myself better by sharing with me my Soul Purpose.  She was able to identify Soul Contracts and end them.  She removed blocks and gave me insight into my future.  The next day I felt a great sense of freedom.  I can’t wait to try this again!” – Carol Lovett, Founder of Ditch the Wheat


“Oh Michelle — I hardly know where to start in relaying my thanks for our time together, and all your wonderful (perfect!) words! What came from it all was both totally unexpected and equally powerful in terms of real, tangible, outcome in ways I’m still more ‘allowing’ than I am in ‘completely understanding,’  (…don’t have to ‘understand’ to respect the power and overwhelming love that came through the experience and continues to be around me).

To say there was a significant shift in my being is to put it mildly. And to say I’m loving this new way of being here, of being in my own skin, of being in this world is also to seriously understate the situation — and danged if I can pinpoint exactly why.  A good portion of it I credit to the obviously successful erasing (at my request) of the unnecessary fears, anxiety planning, and all that. I’m free-er now to literally BE in this world, in this life, with more focus, more patience, more calm, and the strong sense of peace and acceptance that I have never known (or could even dare to imagine) until now. I also feel much more at peace about being with my husband and all his challenges — it’s gone/transformed/all much more comfortable now, and I look forward to going forward (together) without fear… (for me, that’s big too!)  At the outset – I didn’t know to even imagine these things, in particular, would/could happen nor that these changes would be so profound and powerful — and I’m ever so deeply grateful that they did! I still tingle with deepest appreciation at the joy and near-magic of our work together.” — Jan Pritchard


“Thanks, Michelle Barr, for the session! You were so warm and grounded and explained things so clearly. I got a lot of clarity, relief, enthusiasm, and physical relaxation and energy. Feeling excited.” — Melanie Perrin


“Hi, Michelle I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks so much for the Soul Book Session you did for me last Thursday. I thought it was amazing and really extraordinary. You certainly have a real gift – both in your intuition and the way you communicate – I got so much clarity out of the session, and I think it is one of the best reading/spiritual guidance sessions I have ever had. Thanks again.” — Bethan Carr


I feel so much better about things. Old energy patterns for one. I do not feel the attachments that I felt before, which is a good thing. Plus, the new energy has helped that. It was an amazing thing!! I am now a lot better energy wise. Thank you again for doing that with me.” — Mary Gates


“Want to give a big, big thank you to Michelle Barr for the Soul Book Session! You are so kind and generous of Spirit. I felt uplifted on Monday’s call — yes, Halloween! The call brought discernment, clarity, excitement and HOPE for today and every day going forward! Thank you, xo.” — Roseanne Christine


“I had a Soul Book Session with Michelle, and all I can say is she was spot on with EVERYTHING! She was able to describe what was going on in my life right now and exactly what was blocking me from moving forward.  I came away from our session feeling upbeat, lighter and filled with more clarity and direction. I highly recommend working with Michelle. She is an absolute delight.” — Kerry Kennedy

“The path you are to take is not yet clear, but you are beginning to catch a glimpse of your purpose every now and then, as it bubbles up from the unconscious, called forth by your Higher Self answering in response to your dissatisfaction. You cry out, ‘I don’t have to live like this. Now what?’ It answers, ‘Let me show you. Are you willing to see?'” — www.ILiveMySoulPurpose.com


Your Soul is perfect, whole and complete. It is that part of you “made in the image.” Your Soul is the “I Am.”

Each of us has self-created trash made up of all the things we have chosen to pick up and hold onto along the way. Because of this, we experience pain, sadness, resentment, regret, loneliness, anger, fear, doubt, worry, hopelessness and despair.

The clutter that we accumulate and operate from holds us back and keeps us feeling stuck.

The Soul calls out to you. It is still here. Through deep stirrings, gentle nudges, whispers, intuitive urgings, and, sometimes, traumatic awakenings, you are called to clear a path to your Soul.

Laws exist that govern the Universe, and the Soul lives in accordance to these laws. When you bring the Self into alignment with the Soul, it creates a congruent energy and allows the Soul to show up, to speak to you and to soar.

When you feel like you are spinning your wheels; when you keep falling back into patterns that no longer serve you; when you have dreams and desires that are calling to you, and you don’t see a way to connect with them and make them a reality – it is the perfect time to clear a path to your Soul, to dig through the trash, clear the mental and emotional clutter, and rediscover the treasure that awaits you.

You have a perfect operating system within You. It is the operating system of the Soul, and it’s the part of you that knows all about You and has exactly the answers you need to move forward into your fullest expression and experience.

Your Soul is waiting for You. What are you waiting for?