Facebook Marketing for Spiritual Entrepreneurs 10-Week Workshop!


A Workshop for Women Healers! Sign up NOW, we start October 4. I have been where you are. This is for those of you who step into my world and out of my world and back into my world, always hovering, just about to do something BIG for yourself and your business, and the investment stops you. This investment will not stop you, and if your other stuff does, then this is EXACTLY the place you want to be.

We are going to dive deep into both the Marketing to make it work and the Mindset to make it happen. This is not going to be a sit back and learn investment; it’s going to be 10 weeks full of weekly support and guidance and action steps for you to take that will create results. You won’t get stuck, because we are going to get into motion and stay in motion. You will have built-in accountability and the structures and systems and processes you may not crave, but you do need to turn an expensive hobby or flailing endeavor into a profitable business you love!

It’s event season, and I’ve been out on the road for a few weeks now, getting the opportunity to meet you face-to-face and really connect and talk to you… most importantly, to listen to you.

I am also always learning by listening to the other Speakers and Hosts. And yesterday I was INSPIRED to create this for you! I preach and teach about Taking Inspired Action, so I have to walk my talk, right?

Two of the other Leaders at the event yesterday had created an offering just like this, and people just like you were STEPPING UP and STEPPING IN, recognizing a dazzling opportunity in answer to what they have been asking for when they saw it.

I hope you do, too.

This is your chance to work closely with me, to be in motion in your business and your life every week, to be given exactly what to do and when and then also told why.

You will come to me each week with your most important need-to-know question about your business, marketing, strategy, mindset, and your “stuff” coming in. I will Coach you through it. You will learn from me and from each other

I invite you right now to Make A Decision and Take Inspired Action to join us for this 10-Week Journey.

Not only will your results surprise you, but the investment will, as well.

$29 Weekly – Click Here

Pay In Full and Receive One Week Free – Click Here

BONUS – This 10-Week Journey will take you right up to the end of 2016. We will get you positioned to come out of the gate in 2017 with a BIGGER and BETTER business that will help you create a BIGGER AND BETTER life! I will finish off the year with a special training call I do with my Clients each year to help you finish out the year and start the new one. It will include practical tools and strategies, some teaching and training, AND energetic processes to help you clear the way and set the stage.

Join Me, and if you need to talk first, private message me here on Facebook, or schedule a call with me at www.michellebarr.com/contact.

I am excited for You and all you can accomplish here!



Your Sacred Success Coach and Mentor

The Fine Print: I KNOW you need this, and so I am offering it. I was Inspired. I may or may not offer it again. I will probably never offer it for this price again. No quitters. I am here to hold space for you. The total cost of this workshop is $290. I am making this payment arrangement available to you for YOUR convenience and to make this so doable you will do this for yourself. This workshop is contractual, and ALL attendees are expected to make the weekly payments if not paying in full AND complete the workshop in its entirety. By making the first payment, you agree to this.

Finish what you start. You know this workshop is worth it. Make it happen.

Or stay frozen, paralyzed, stuck and confused, and wake up to a 2017 that is no different from now.