Intuitive Success Coaching with Michelle Barr

Are you looking to understand the current climate of your life and make course corrections so you can create the future you truly desire?

Together, We Will Navigate Your Landscape and Create Your Own Freedom Map to A Better Life Now in 7 Steps!

Sometimes, you need a Guide to get you to where you are going, someone who has traveled this particular terrain and knows it well. I am here to support and guide you on this very important journey, to help you start moving forward step-by-step into creating what you want for yourself, and provide direction when you get stuck or stalled or find yourself in trouble.

Everything outside of you is showing up in response to what is going on inside of you.

In a Session with me, you will:

  • Explore both your internal landscape and your external landscape.
  • Learn to read this feedback you are receiving and use it to clear, heal and resolve what stands between you and where you are trying to go.
  • Receive guidance to create new insight and awareness.
  • Take control and become the Conscious Powerful Creator of your experience.
  • Get into Action and begin Moving Forward with a Plan.
So that you can:
  • Get energized and excited about your life again.
  • Make decisions that support you in aligning with your true direction and purpose.
  • Get on track by reconnecting Self to Spirit.
  • End self-sabotage through Self-Healing.



The Path to Spiritual and Financial FREEDOM

begins with these 7 Steps…


FOCUS on the Now to get FEEDBACK from the Universe.

RECOGNIZE the Catalysts and Triggers that cause you to Self-Sabotage, and RESET your Intentions.

EMOTIONAL Clutter is Cleared, Healed and Resolved, leading to EMOTIONAL Mastery.

ENERGY is Unblocked and Aligned with the use of ENERGY Management Tools and Techniques.

DIG DEEPER and Take Honest Inventory with the Support and Guidance of a Coach, Mentor, Teacher and Healer. Receive Higher Guidance and Self-Healing by connecting with your intuition, your energy, and your emotions in a Safe and Sacred Space.

OVERTURN your old plan and begin creating a new one by identifying the Course Corrections you can make. Increased Focus and the Power of Intention get you ON Track and ON Target by getting you ON Task.

MESSAGES from your Intuitive Coach and Guide help you MAP out your Action Plan and MOVE Forward to create a better life now.

Yes, I want to have an Intuitive Success Coaching Session with Michelle Barr!

90-Minute Session

$247  $185 through October 31


Once you submit your payment, you will be sent a link to Michelle’s scheduler to schedule your session.

These sessions must be purchased by October 31. They can be used up until December 31, 2015.