How I Clear Issues Around Money and Clients in My Business using Ho'oponopono for Entrepreneurs!

Learn my go-to Clearing and Healing method that I use on myself and in working with my Clients, and Experience an Advanced Ho’oponopono Clearing and Healing Session.

Who Am I, and What Is Ho’oponopono?

Have you ever struggled in your business, feeling stuck or lost? You do what you know to do, but you’re experiencing more losses

than you like and not near enough wins? You just can’t pinpoint what is holding you back.

Do you constantly find yourself reaching for your goals and desires and bumping up against an invisible wall?

The Entrepreneurial Journey is the most intensive personal and Spiritual growth and development program you could ever enroll in.

It’s normal to feel this way, but you don’t have to be normal.

What if there was a powerful way to get out of it that was simple and easy, as well? What if one online workshop could change the way you think about everything?

What if this shift in perception along with this energetic tool could help you receive and achieve more in your life and your business than you ever dreamed you could?

It would feel like a miracle, right?

I am Michelle Barr,

Spiritual Entrepreneur, Coach, Energy Medicine Specialist, and Ho’oponopono Mentor. I am a Spiritual Teacher and hold a Doctor of Ministry in Transformational Coaching. When I read the book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale ten years ago, it changed my life. I went on to study Ho’oponopono with Joe Vitale and was certified as a Practitioner. I have been using this Clearing and Healing tool as a go-to for years. I’ve been using it in my life and for my business, I’ve been using it with my Clients, and I’ve been teaching them to use it, too.

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to study the next-level of Ho’oponopono, what Joe Vitale calls Advanced Ho’oponopono. Fifty people from all over the world gathered with Joe and his team for an intensive training event which took my practice to an entirely new level. Since then, I have been having even more amazing results using this, especially in my work. I clearly saw how teaching this specifically to Spiritual Entrepreneurs was what I needed to do next. In fact, I had dinner with Joe a few months ago, and I talked with him about it. I asked Joe if anyone was teaching Ho’oponopono for Entrepreneurs, and he said, no. I knew it was mine to carry forward.

If you’ve heard of Ho’oponopono, maybe even practiced using it, I want you to know that I am going to close the gap for you in this teaching and training. It is not enough just to know the process; it’s important to understand the INTENTION behind it, so you can bring that understanding and that INTENTION to the work. That is what makes it work for you.


Join Me on Saturday, August 17 at 1:00 p.m. Central for a Live Online Workshop Experience. This entire event will be recorded for you in video and audio, and you will receive both after the Live Online Event is complete. The Workshop will be approximately 3 hours in length.

What You Receive:


Teaching and
Training in Ho’oponopono with emphasis on how to use this in your business and
with your clients


Q&A Opportunity


A LIVE Ho’oponopono
Clearing and Healing Session

When this workshop is over, you will look at life in a completely different way. And, what is shifted within will show up in your world, providing you with more fulfillment, more success, and peace.

This is truly a tool that, once learned and understood, you will be able to use over and over again.

Learn how to get rid of subconscious memory that is driving your bus, affecting your thoughts, feelings, and actions, which greatly impact your results. Ho’oponopono will help remove all kinds of negative thoughts from your mind, thoughts which hold you back from your success, and even slow you down or stop you completely. Imagine permanently removing thoughts which make you believe you are not capable of achieving what you dream about and desire, allowing you to finally receive and achieve what you want.

Learn about the Zero State and how to get there. Within this space, the creative void, everything is possible, your energy is renewed, your mind is clear and able to receive INSPIRATION, and you reclaim the Spirit to create the life you want to live.

After you experience the understanding of this powerful tool, how to use it in your life and your business, and go through a Ho’oponopono Clearing and Healing Session with me, you will have received Spiritual Cleaning and Healing and be ready to create the Sacred Success you desire and deserve.

Dr. Joe Vitale was once homeless and totally dissatisfied with the way he was living. Using Ho’oponopono, he was able to become a very successful man, attracting to him everything he had ever desired. The more he experienced his own success, he made it his mission to bring to others what had most helped him. Dr. Joe says, a strong wil is the only requirement for the process to work.

The basic goal of Ho’oponopono is to cleanse the mind and then heal it. The cleansing of the mind includes eliminating all thoughts which might be bad for you and keeping and enhancing all thoughts that will bring you closer to success. The healing of the mind is achieved by clearing the mental and emotional clutter and implanting a positivity of mind which moves you forward to achieve everything you want to.


Benefits of Ho’oponopono Include:


Clarity which leads to increased creative problem solving


Enhanced brain power


Increased independence of thought


Improved concentration and focus, which is the key to success


Greater ability to reach your goals


Powerful relaxation techniques to use to calm and motivate yourself

Ho’oponopono has helped change hundreds of lives, say Dr. Joe Vitale, and helped hundreds of people through their problems. You can be like them, too.

Your Investment is $100