A Sacred Opportunity for You to EXCEL This Year

This Accelerated Program is Open right now to 5 people

You want to build and grow your business, but something’s stopping you.

Maybe it’s your fears and doubts stopping you. Maybe you don’t know how to identify and fill in the gaps in what you already have. Or maybe you don’t even know how to get started.

You’re called in several different directions, but you’re afraid to follow any of them.

You’ve been trying to grow your business for a while, and even though you’re using all the strategies that are supposed to work, they aren’t working. Or they seem to be working for other people, but they just aren’t working for you for some reason. Maybe there’s some underlying reason for that.  And you can’t figure out what that reason is.

My job is to help you figure that out by bringing the perfect blend of Strategy and Energy to help you take your business and your life to the next level to create the Sacred Success you desire.

I do this best when I can work with you one-on-one in an ongoing Private Coaching Program. The first few months are spent transforming both your inner and outer expression to bring you and your business into alignment. You have full access to my teachings and trainings that show you everything I did to build my full-time global online business and full access to my Healing Your Way to Prosperity work that gives you all the tools I used to get to a place in my life where I could create and grow a successful business. At the same time, you and I are working together in an intensive way that is tailored to you.

The rest of the time together is spent focused on aligned actions that will create the new results you desire, because you are operating from a new place. My goal is to get you into action and help you read the feedback so you can make course corrections while continuing to move forward. Our work together is designed to get you in business now, so as you are creating, building and growing, you are also bringing in clients and income from the beginning.

You have specific challenges in your business – or in your personal life that are affecting your business. You have more than once become stuck, frozen, paralyzed, confused, until you feel like you’re spinning around in circles and realize you’re not getting anywhere.

You have a strong desire to live on purpose and in your purpose, and you want to make money doing it, and right now, you’re just not bringing in the income, results or freedom you really want.

The truth is you can’t see your own blind spots, you can’t identify the stories you are telling that keep you reliving them, and you don’t know how to do things differently or what the things are that you could be doing differently to build a profitable business that brings you Soul-level satisfaction and supports and sustains the life you want to live.

How do I know this? Because I’ve been right here where you are.

Believe me, I was tempted to go back into hiding as I had done for years, to opt for the safety and security that a steady paycheck sometimes promises. I was willing to yet again settle for playing small, because I was frustrated, discouraged and a little afraid.

So, you’ve invested in courses, books, workshops and group programs, and you feel like you’ve learned a lot of things that could help you, but your business and your life still look and feel way too much the same.

What makes the work I do with You different from what you’ve already done?

It’s the intensive one-to-one coaching, support and guidance that make the huge difference when you are standing in this place. And, you have probably found out, it’s hard to come by at this level.

I offer you foundational teaching and training that is self-led, along with a group mastermind component, and it’s all included when you enroll in my Private Coaching and Mentoring. But that’s not where we leave you. This is an exclusive one-on-one coaching program tailored exactly for you, your business, and your unique challenges and needs. This is you and me with my eyes on your business, working side-by-side to fill in the gaps. I’ve loaded this program with me teaching you how to do it, me and you doing it together, and me doing it for you.

I will help you build the Foundation, build the Platform, and build the Tribe that will carry your business onward and upward no matter what direction you choose to go with it or how fast or slow you build it. It all starts right here.

I credit the success I have achieved in my business and in my life to the team of expert Coaches I have used over the past few years. I have invested thousands of dollars and traveled all over the United States, working with private Coaches, attending conferences and events, and studying lots of programs to learn what I now share with you.

Stepping up your game and creating a successful business is really a two-step process – create the well-oiled machine, and get out there into the world with your work.

To go where you want to go next, you have to be willing to invest in yourself and get the help you need. As your Coach, Teacher, Mentor and Healer, I will teach you how to create a Vision of the life you want to live and then create a business that supports and sustains that.

I will help you build the well-oiled machine that changed my business from an expensive hobby to a full-time thriving business serving others all over the world as a Coach, Teacher, Speaker, Author and Expert Thought Leader.

Are you ready?

This program is for you if you are ready to create what you have been striving for or dreaming about. I work at this level with a small number of people each year, and as a client at this level, you have top priority. You have access to everything I have and everything I do as well as working intensively with me one-to-one. This programs includes all the elements – I teach you how, I do it with you, and I do it for you.

I do my best work one-to-one, and I love clients who are ready to MOVE.  My clients who work with me in this way feel that they get so much benefit and create so much. Having this level of access to your own personal coach is hard to come by these days, but it’s my sweet spot.

This program is open to 5 clients each year. I limit my number of clients so that I can give each one the individual attention you really need and the ongoing access that will help you get unstuck and stay unstuck and moving forward. I create 10 complimentary consultations a month to talk to you, to hear what your challenges are, to explore your dreams and desires, and to show you how I can help. Book your complimentary consultation now, or, if you already know this is for you, scroll down, enroll now, and we’ll get started right away.

Do you have questions about working with me and if it’s right for you?

Let’s chat.


I’m Ready. Let’s Do It!


EXCEL VIP Package ~ The Fastest Path to $100,000 and beyond

Bi-Weekly private coaching sessions PLUS a VIP Day.
Dive Deep and Do 6 Months of Work in One Day with Michelle’s Marketing and Mindset VIP Day then continue with her intensive private coaching and mentoring program at the EXCEL VIP Level for 8 more months. This program is 9 months long to give you time to build your business and platform and then to produce the special offerings Michelle produces with you in this package.

This program offers you a great way to finance a powerful VIP Day by rolling it into your regular monthly coaching payments. If you are looking to make a quantum leap in your business, to propel yourself into quickstart mode, to shake loose what has been sabotaging you and holding you back, and walk away with a Business Blueprint Plan, and the beginnings of your Foundation and your Platform, this is the answer. In just one day, you can eliminate months or years of struggle and confusion.

To Excel:

  • To be exceptionally good at what you do;
  • To be better or do better than others;
  • To surpass in accomplishment or achievement;
  • To be distinguishable;
  • To exceed expectations;
  • To be a Master;
  • To rise notably above or beyond ordinary limits;
  • To exceed what has been done before.

When you invest in yourself through this program, here is what you are going to get:

  • Personal Coaching, Guidance and Support: An initial 90-minute deep-dive session, and two 60-minute Coaching sessions a month with me after that. You will also have access to monthly “emergency” calls to use as needed.
  • Ongoing Recorded Training: I provide you with ongoing Teaching and Training delivered to you each month to work through at your own pace. I teach you how to build the well-oiled machine, how to get your content out there everywhere, how to create and sell your first private client package, how to create a new group program and sell it as a pilot then turn it into a product, how to build all your offerings into a clear path and a plan, how to attract potential clients, how to enroll new clients, and how to build the platform as a Coach, Speaker, Teacher and Author.
  • BONUS: Access to my newly launched Impact and Income Acceleration Group Program for 2016. Increase Your Impact and Income by building a platform as a Coach, Speaker, Teacher and Author. (Value $3000)
  • Ongoing Live Training: I do one Live Q&A and Coaching Call once a month, and these are recorded. You are able to submit questions whether you are attending live or not. You have access to all previous calls that have been done. Each call I cover one area of either business strategy or mindset.
  • Private Facebook Group for access to each other and to me.
  • Personal and Spiritual Growth and Development Module: Digital Downloads of my Intuitive Success 6-Week Self-Healing Home Study Course, which all my private clients go through as part of their coaching program.
  • Continuous and Consistent Support from Your Own Personal Success Coach: You will also receive personal ongoing access to me throughout the program so you keep moving forward and are able to act, assess and adjust in a timely and beneficial way. I offer you continuous support, guidance and accountability when you invest with me at this level.
  • Business Energy Work: Strategic Business Alignment work with me as your Practitioner so you can discover the core issues that are manifesting unwanted experiences for you in your business and uncover what is holding you back then shift your energy to bring about the success you want to create through a business that is truly aligned to you and supports and sustains the life you want to live.
  • Personal Energy Work: Energetic Realignment work at a Soul Level with me as your Practitioner so you can discover the core issues that are manifesting unwanted experiences for you and uncover what is holding you back then shift your energy to bring about healing and transformation on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
  • Spotlight Services: Social Media and E-mail showcasing of you to my networks and my lists.
  • Support Services: Access to my Personal Success Library filled with coaching tools for transformation to use in your own practice and in your work with others; digital downloads, pdfs, and videos (Thousands of dollars worth of content and new material as I create it while you are in the program.)
  • Live Community Event Networking, Connection, and Showcasing of You and Your Business: 1 Free VIP Ticket to any Live Event I do while you are my Private Client and complimentary tickets to industry events I am attending or a part of.
  • Deep discounts: (46% off) on additional personal individual sessions with me while you are in this program.


  • Marketing Tool Production: 1 Radio Show produced and hosted by me to showcase you – your chance to shine and share your message; a great marketing tool for you to use! Radio show featured on my radio network.
  • Co-Host One Preview Call with you to your Tribe: I will help you plan and promote a free online event to build your list and make an offer to your Tribe, and I will co-host the event with you using my technology or yours.
  • One In-Person VIP Day: A 1-Day Deep Dive with your Personal Success Coach and Mentor into your life and your business. This can be done by you traveling to me, or I can be brought to your location or a location of your choice. I recommend these be done in person; I will talk to you about doing them by Skype if you cannot travel. Your VIP Day includes a 1-night stay as my guest and Lunch during our workday as my guest. (Value $3000)

Total Value of this Package if purchased separately is $18,200 + Bonus $3000 = $21,200.

Your investment is $1500* a month or a pay in full of $10,000. That is a HUGE savings of $3500!

(When you add it all up, you are getting your VIP Day for 50% off the stand alone price!)


*NOTE: The only fine print you’re going to find. I understand that I am being offered a payment plan of 6 months or 9 months for each of these packages and that this is an agreement between myself and Michelle Barr Unlimited in which this entity will be financing me. My commitment upon signing up is to the entire 6-Month Program or 9-Month Program, and I will fulfill my financial obligation as such. I understand that this is not a pay-by-the-month or month-to-month program. My payment to Michelle Barr Unlimited signifies my agreement. Thank you.


If you’re ready right now, your next step is to schedule a time for us to talk, so we can make a connection, make sure this is a good fit for both of us, and work out the details so we can get you started.


If you’re undecided, read on!



How are you going to get the TRANSFORMATION that will truly change your life?

I am ready to work with you!

No time will ever be better than right now. I encourage you to give this gift to yourself.

I have space for 5 new clients a month, and I would love for you to become one of them by joining me this month.

Imagine what we can do during the next six months or nine months to get you and your business on track and supporting and sustaining the life you want to create and live. Imagine how you will feel now, because you are taking action and saying yes to transformation.

You know if this is right for you. I want to support you in showing up for yourself. I want to support you in finding your next right step and saying yes to it.

The thing I don’t want you to do right now is to sit still and not know what to do next. Respond to this by either knowing, Yes, this is for me! Or no, I don’t feel ready to do this.

And then, where does that leave you? Ask yourself, What is right for me right now? What do I need to support myself in saying yes to my next step?

If you know this is for you, I encourage you to make the investment in yourself  now by choosing your next right step.

The most successful people will tell you that they consistently make the investment in themselves to work with a Coach who can provide the necessary rocket fuel to move them to having breakthrough after breakthrough as they learn to live more fully and more often in the flow, without resistance, and are able to move more constantly and consistently on their own momentum. It takes a tremendous amount of energy in the initial stages of this part of the journey to work with these processes. A great Coach can accompany you through this, offer opportunities for insight and shift, and can provide invaluable resources.

Working with me as your coach and mentor provides the benefits of receiving information, awareness and insight, intuitive and energetic healing and clearing, as well as powerful, practical strategy, accountability, consistency, and ongoing training.

As my client, you are provided with support and guidance, intuitively, energetically, and through the teaching and application of principles, tools and techniques that move you into new understandings and ways of being and doing and having.

If you’re unsure, read on!


Before you say, “No,” read on!


Isn’t it time your work reflected who you are and made you money?

Build a brand new business, which enables you to create your own schedule, be your own boss, have more freedom and, most importantly, help others achieve their dreams as you step up into a bigger platform to share your message and your gifts with the world.


Now, I realize some of you may be reading this and thinking, “I have no idea how to do this or even where to start.”

Don’t worry. I have taken all of this into account, and I assure you that your journey is now, and you are already on your path. You will grow and evolve in your life as you actually start doing what you were made to do and being who you are meant to be, and your business will grow and evolve right along with you. This program is designed to take you from where you are now to being a Master at helping others to attain their own Sacred Success. Remember, as you teach and lead others, you will learn so much.

This extensive program consists of a step-by-step, easy to understand and implement system, along with access to an entire Personal Success Library that I have built for my clients and students over the years, and me right there with you as Your Personal Success Coach all along the way.

I created this program and these packages for 2016 after learning so much over the past 3 years about how my clients best get results and get what they need both personally and professionally.

In addition to your private coaching and mentoring, I will be putting on live events each year, large group gatherings and small mastermind retreats, and keeping you connected with others who are doing what you do. You will have access through me to many of today’s top leading experts in the coaching and conscious entrepreneur industry.

The only reason why this may seem difficult or unrealistic for you is because you have’t been exposed to the information already. And any time we don’t know anything about a particular topic, it can seem overwhelming. Fear of the unknown is a very natural and even integral part of this process. And this is going to take you out of your comfort zone, for some of you, way out of your comfort zone. But, I assure you, that is where the magic happens!

Before you realize it, you will have all the knowledge and tools that you need to create just the right business and the Sacred Success you crave.

That is why it’s so important to get started and learn as you grow. That is how I built my business, one step at a time, one day at a time. I hired many, many teachers, coaches, mentors and advisors and invested many thousands of dollars over a period of 3 years to share with you all that I am going to give through this one comprehensive program.

My heart is so open to all the clients and students who have been showing up in my business and in my life suddenly finding themselves called to a bigger platform, to take their gifts into the world and be conscious and authentic leaders. So I am following my heart, and through that, discovering and connecting with the true Power of my work and my Self. I am committed to living my message and inspiring and supporting and guiding you to do the same.

 Spirit does not call the equipped and the qualified; Spirit equips and qualifies the called. That is a promise. The first step is always up to You. A choice point in every moment, and your moment is NOW.

 You’re still with me – Great! So, what now?

“Wait a minute! I want this, but can I afford it?”

I imagine that’s probably the question you’re asking yourself right now. I used to ask myself that, too. I used to have all kinds of money issues that kept me from doing what I wanted to do and living the life I wanted to live. Until I dealt with them, and that’s a big part of what’s built in to this program.

Think about this for a second; what you’re getting here is access to a body of knowledge that is going to not only change your life, but it’s also going to give you the ability to change the lives of other people.

And the best part is, you can apply this new-found knowledge over and over again. It works at every stage of the game.

In fact, as you gain more experience, you will only get better.

This means that the money you invest today will pay you back repeatedly for the rest of your life.

I have mastered the Art of Taking Inspired Action, and right away I am going to get you into the kind of action that will create income for you. The best way to grow and evolve your business is to be paid while you’re doing it, and to be serving others who value what you have to offer. This is not about going around for years giving everything away until you feel worthy of charging for it. No! Absolutely not!

I have invested consistently at double and triple what I am now offering you, and in the past 2 years way beyond this. I bring all that I have received to my work with you now. I never ask you to do anything I have not already done myself.

I have loaded these packages with value to ensure your opportunity for success. It’s your move.


What I am offering you is a Coaching Resource that you can refer to whenever you need access to relevant information, and more than that, a lifetime opportunity that includes a community of support and accountability to plug into, ongoing training and guidance, and a teacher, mentor and coach that can walk with you every step of the way. And that’s because I am always growing and learning and investing in myself, and all of that gets passed along to you without having to go all over the place to get it.


Just imagine what you can do when you have this game-changer! Continuous and Consistent Support from Your Own Personal Success Coach. Receive personal ongoing access to me throughout the program so you keep moving forward and are able to act, assess and adjust in a timely and beneficial way. I offer you continuous support, guidance and accountability when you invest with me at this level.

Right now, you have the opportunity to not only take charge of your own life, but to also help others do the same.

Now that you understand exactly what you have before you, you basically have two options. Say, “Yes!” or say, “No.” Make a decision.

It doesn’t serve you to wait it out, to tell yourself you’re going to think about it. Learn to make decisions. That is what successful people do. That is what will serve you well. The more you are in touch with your Vision for your life, then making a decision is easier. There is a choice point in every moment – this is one of them! – and in every moment, with every choice, you are either moving towards or away from what you want. Nothing is neutral. This is a Universal Guiding Principle, one of 9 that I use in my work and in my life: Everything counts. Everything matters. A choice point in every moment. Our life is shaped by the series of choices we make along the way. Become more conscious about the choices presented to you. Become more conscious of your ability to choose. This requires a shift in perspective from Victim to Creator. This requires taking complete responsibility for all of it.

Make A Decision is the first step in my powerful M.O.V.E. process. Make A Decision and then support yourself in it 100%. Own it. You can change your life in this instant with one very empowering decision. Take inspired action and take charge of your life.

Don’t let the cost of this keep you from saying, “Yes!” Let’s work together to make a plan and make it happen for you. Schedule a complimentary consultation with me now.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at clientcare@michellebarr.com.
I am so grateful and excited to meet you right here, wherever you are on your journey, and to share this part of your journey with you.


Wishing You Absolute Joy in Your Journey!

Your Personal Success Coach,