Creating a shift is just the beginning.
Then it is necessary to learn how to manage your energy to maintain it.

Take Charge of Your Life!

Learn to Manage Your Energy and

Use Your Intuition in your Everyday Life

for Your Ultimate Benefit.

The one common thing I have found over the past few years is that whenever I get a hold of principles and processes that really help me come through some big paradigm shifts and really help me shift my energy, my life really shifts… and that is what this workshop series is all about.”

Michelle Barr, The Sacred Business Success Coach | Master Healer and Intuitive | Spiritual Teacher

In this experiential, hands-on workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Master your control over your energy and intuition with energetic processes that you can use in your everyday life and spiritual practice
  • Shift your current experience with powerful meditations that can be used over and over again
  • Create paradigm shifts in your thinking through timeless teachings that will lead to powerful movement in your life, and get you unstuck and on your way to living your big vision

If you are someone who is seeking the possibilities for yourself, you’ve committed to stepping into your greatness, you’re embracing your purpose, whether you’ve been working on your personal and spiritual growth and development for a long time or have just shown up and want to get started, this powerful workshop series is just the thing you will want to have in your spiritual toolbox.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Explore the mastery of your two greatest and most powerful tools – your energy and your intuition – for transforming your life
  • Master the Art of Taking Action from an empowered and intuitive place
  • Discover the tools that can help you shift out of what is holding you back and into powerful movement

After we come in contact with our big dream, start setting intentions and goals for ourselves, and begin to strive for the good things like freedom, prosperity, abundance, health, wealth, and success, and, ultimately, living an authentic life… after all that commitment and effort, we often come to a screeching halt, lose momentum, wonder if it’s worth it, and fall back into what is comfortable and safe.

Does this sound like you? Do you keep committing to your path over and over, only to get thoroughly stuck time and again?

Most importantly… how can you get yourself unstuck, recover your momentum, and move powerfully into your greatest vision for your life?

Experience the best tools coming from many different healing modalities brought together for you all in one place by Master Healer and Intuitive Michelle Barr.

As a life-long empath, intuitive and healer, as someone who has always been highly sensitive to energy, these are the very tools I learned from studying and training in many different healing modalities with Master Teachers and Healers, Psychics and Mediums, Shamans, and Energy Medicine Specialists. I use these tools on a regular basis to heal myself, to manage my energy so that I can use it in my work and my personal life, and to develop my intuition also for personal and professional use.”

In this series, you will work directly with:

  • YOU (Your Own Universal Energy)
  • YOU in relationship with the Universe
  • YOU in relationship with your Environment
  • YOU in relationship with Others
  • YOU in relationship with Spirit

When we begin to dream big dreams, to set intentions and goals for ourselves, when we begin to strive for prosperity, abundance, health, wealth and success, everything that is not in alignment with that rises up to be healed or transformed. We must heal so that we can soar.

In other words, our “stuff comes up.”

So the question is, what do I do when my stuff comes up?

Once I began using these principles, tools, and techniques with my clients and students, I got asked this same question over and over again.

When we have a big vision for our life, we have high desire, and often we encounter high resistance. We find ourselves doing what we’ve always done, not taking new action, stuck on replay.

Do you feel that you are living a life that is dictated by where you’ve been, toxic emotions, your stories, and negative self-talk? This can result in creating a lot of what you don’t want – along with feelings of anger, frustration, hopelessness, and powerlessness. Once you start to spin, you find yourself doing the same things over and over again. You have a lot invested in staying here, and sometimes you don’t know how to get out.

I have worked for many years now with people who are stuck in inaction. This causes all kinds of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. It eventually turns to anger at yourself, negative self-talk or feelings of wanting to just give up or even beating yourself up about it. People try to make changes for short periods of time, then they get uncomfortable, and they retreat back into what is familiar and known, even if it isn’t good for them.

I will take you through step-by-step processes, and offer you easy techniques and simple tools that you can continue to use for yourself in your everyday life. This is your opportunity to fill your spiritual toolbox and never be stuck again!

“The results are astounding!” “Michelle Barr is one of the rare coaches who actually walks her talk by living and utilizing her coaching techniques in her everyday life. Through her extensive work in the mental health and holistic field, Michelle is a premier coach that extends great value and insight to help you transform your internal world, thereby transforming your reality! I have worked with Michelle on many occasions, and the results are astounding!” DeDe Murcer Moffett, The “Snap Out of It” Woman, www.dedemurcermoffett.com


“She is a wonderful gift to the world.” “If you want to work with someone who has insight, foresight, heart and compassion, you want to work with Michelle. She is dedicated to healing in every area of people’s lives. As a counselor, minister, encourager or healer, she is a wonderful gift to the world.” Dawn Billings, The Heart Link Network, www.theheartlinknetwork.com


“Michelle used her ‘magic’ to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing…” Michelle used her “magic” to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing for me after major surgery. Since then she has been able to pinpoint areas in my consciousness in need of quantum healing and then provide the correct modality to assist in the healing. An insightful counselor, she is excellent and to the point. Few emotional and spiritual therapists can provide healing and counsel at the same exacting high level as that of Michelle. I strongly recommend one contact Michelle if they are going through a time of confusion in any area of their life. It is time well-spent.” Bonnie Bolin Peterson, Intentions In Motion, www.intentionsinmotion.com


“She shares her knowledge and she uses it for the betterment of mankind.” “Michelle is a fantastic practitioner. She is a sharing and caring individual who helps many people each day. She shares her knowledge and she uses it for the betterment of mankind. As a spiritual leader she has divine guidance. All who come in contact with her are better for the experience. I would recommend Michelle to anyone considering her services.” Beverly Jones, Balancing Your Life Too,  www.tocleaders.com/beverlyjones


“She is an outstanding healer, counselor, and metaphysical teacher.” “Michelle does incredible work in anything I have seen her do with metaphysics. She is an outstanding healer, counselor, and metaphysical teacher. If I needed to hire a speaker, I would hire her in an instant. She can talk about anything and remembers everything that she reads. I believe Michelle to be a direct channel of Divine Wisdom.” Carol K., Client and student



Here is your chance to discover what is standing in the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and shift out of that which is holding you back and keeping you stuck.

Understanding energy, you as an energetic being in energetic exchange with the Universe and everyone and everything in it at all times, and knowing how to feel, manage and move energy is an invaluable tool from which to build your spiritual practice and create a life you love that supports your. Along with energy, the other single most valuable and key tool is your intuition. Once you begin to master the use of your energy and your intuition, your life begins to change and come into your conscious control in incredible ways.

Take charge of your own life!

In this workshop series, we explore in-depth the mastery of your two greatest and most powerful tools – your energy and your intuition – for transforming your life. And then we put it into practical use!

In this workshop series, you will discover the tools that can help you shift out of what is holding you back and into powerful movement that will create positive and empowering change in your life.

Stop beating yourself up over inaction.

Learn to Manage Your Energy and Use Your Intuition

in your Everyday Life for Your Ultimate Benefit!

“Everyday Energy Management”

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6 Downloadable Workshop Sessions – over 7 1/2 hours of teachings, meditations, tools, techniques and energetic processes you can use again and again + Downloadable  Tools for your Personal Use

These recordings were created for you to listen to over and over again.

Every one of my private clients goes through this teaching and training.