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Spiritual Business Beliefs About Money and Energetic Clearing and Healing to Support and Guide You To Shameless Spiritual Business Building.

This Is Raw, Real, and Right On Time!

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“Hi, Michelle. Just wanted to take a moment and let you know my thoughts on your call. I was able to attend live, though I missed the first few minutes and the last 15 or so. I have since listened to your recording two more times. There is just SO MUCH INFO in that one call! I feel almost scrambled inside now, but I know that is because some of what you shared really hit me deep. I think my first clue should have been the resistance I was feeling to signing up for the call in the first place! So you’ve definitely had an impact on me and my thoughts, I’m just not sure how it will all settle yet. But thank you for sharing so much of yourself in that one call.” — Lisa S.


  • Are you ready for a money breakthrough?
  • Ready to shatter the illusions that have kept you from experiencing the limitless abundant Universe you say you believe in?
  • Are you tired of living inside someone else’s box?
  • Are you willing to consider what’s really behind you overgiving, undercharging, and afraid to ask for more than “just enough”?


This complimentary training is for you if…

  • You feel called to share your gifts in the world and create incredible healing and transformation for people, but you struggle to make enough money to get by.
  • You see clients one-to-one and they pay you by the minute or by the hour, and if you’re being honest with yourself you know you’re overgiving and undercharging.
  • You know you have a bigger message to bring into the world right now, and you just don’t know how to make it happen.
  • You’re frustrated that you haven’t made as BIG of a difference in the world as you feel you should because, despite your best efforts, people just haven’t heard of you yet because you’re “playing small.”

… Or maybe you started doing your spiritual work, then shut it down, or you have never really started at all.

And it includes:

  • Energetic Clearing and Healing around your “Money Stuff” – we’re not just going to dig it all up and look at it; we’re going to do something about it!

I have a personal journey that I haven’t really shared, and now it’s time to share it with you. This was not the direction my work was targeted to go in coming into the Fall, but it has exploded in my lap. I did ask Spirit this summer to use me where I am most needed. Imagine my surprise! So, I’m going there, and now is as good of a time as any… … it really shouldn’t be so surprising that this comes up now, because my clients are starting to make much bigger money, and they’re bumping up against a lot of their own stuff as well as the collective stuff. Would it surprise you to hear that a lot of that collective stuff is coming from their own spiritual community? Yeah. Meanwhile, I have a lot of potential clients still not stepping up. They come right up to the edge, and then they stop, because of their money stuff.

So, sign up here, and get ready for a powerful time of shifting our shame, breaking through our pain, and staking our true claim! I’ll be with you the whole way.

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