I was given a beautiful gift a few years ago. I had been doing a lot of cleaning and clearing out as I prepared to make some big changes in my life which included an exciting move more in line with the quality of life that I desired. While going through some boxes, I came across a test I had taken as part of a psychological assessment, and it gave me an instant snapshot of where I was a decade ago. This then allowed me to compare that to where I was currently standing. Revisiting it now, I continue to gain insight and see the journey I have been on has paid off.

This test is called the Mooney Problem Check List, and basically it had me go through and check and highlight all of my perceived problems. Here is what I found. A decade ago, I was feeling tired much of the time. I was taking things too seriously. I was worried about my family members. I felt financially dependent on others and did not like it. There was too much quarreling at home. I was struggling to combine marriage and a career. I had a lot of financial stressors on an everyday basis that took a lot of my time and energy. My feelings were too easily hurt. I had a strong desire to have a business of my own.

I then made some of the following comments to the test administrator: “So much is going on in my life that it is hard to make enough time for all of it, but all are important.” “Finances have been troubling me.” “One of my children is having trouble, and our family is in therapy.” “I have let myself get tired and run down and out of shape, and I want to take better care of myself.”

Wow! My life had a lot of tired, sad, stressed, frustrated, financial problems, marriage problems, children having issues, and a whole lot of dissatisfaction.

I remember that time well, but I don’t live there anymore.

Coming into that new year, just a few years ago and a decade after I made a decision that I didn’t love my life and was going to change it all, I saw a new picture. Taking a new snapshot, I saw that I had transformed myself and my life. It felt really good. I love what I do. I have independence and security and stability. I experience joy in my life on a daily basis and a lot more peace. I am satisfied and fulfilled. My desires now are not stressful, but rather they motivate me in a positive way to grow and expand. I have so much more energy and am excited to face each new day. I just celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary, and my husband and I together have recreated and reshaped the quality life that we both want. My children are thriving. My family has improved our relationships and our communication. Nobody is in therapy.

I could go on and on. But that is about me, and I want to shift the focus to you. I tell you all of this, because I want you to imagine how it can be for you. I truly want all of this for you, and that is why I have made it my life’s work to share my journey. It breaks my heart to see people living day in and day out in that state of being when I know it doesn’t have to be that way.

I hold the grandest vision for the greatest version of you!

The timing to make change in your life will never be perfect. The circumstances will never be ideal. It takes just getting started. My life a decade ago is unrecognizable to me today. My life four years ago still stuns and surprises me when I look at my world today.

There never has been and never will be a better time than now to create a life that you love that supports you.

I invite you into conversation with me to explore your future and your now next steps. I invite you to take a look at what I am doing with my clients and students right now that could transform your life. I am working with many of my clients through my 90 Days to Transformation Program, and they are creating lasting change. You can create lasting change.

What would you transform if you had 90 days of support and guidance, energetically, intuitively, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically?

I challenge you to consider the possibilities!

This is My Coach’s Challenge For You today.

Your Sacred Success Coach,