During a challenging period in his life a few years ago, my husband, Roger, painted a picture which he calls, The Magdalene Reaching. As I sat with this painting and asked it to speak to me, I learned much. The Magdalene carries on her face an expression of both the greatest grief and the greatest ecstasy, all in the same breath. She is at once reaching for her Lord, her Love, and at the same time letting go.

This is what we are called to do; attach and let go. A dynamic process that creates energy and flow, never stagnant. It is within this space that one finds true bliss. The Magdalene, in her humanness, gives way to her feelings and emotions, experiences her desires, reaches for what she wants, and then creates the space for life to happen, for Spirit to join with human in this creative process, in this dance, and lets go of the outcome to allow what is meant to be simply to be. It is a delicate balance, this way. Of being. Of experiencing life. It is in the moment of surrender between the attaching and the letting go that the zero point exists, the event horizon, the void in which all is possible and creations are made manifest.

In this painting, The Magdalene Reaching, the moment her hand extends toward her desire, the fingers are already loosening, the palm outstretched, the arm first moving out, expanding and then retreating, contracting, stopping briefly in that place between the two, the place where there is neither attachment to outcome, nor force, nor resistance, and miracles are allowed to happen. Spirit is there. Meet It.

Today, again, I sought out the reminder of this. Today, I find harmony in just such a place. I attached, I let go. I reach out toward my next desire, my next attachment, yet my fingers are loosening already, my palm outstretched. I am meeting Spirit in the void and allowing miracles to happen.

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