There has never been a more
powerful or important time to be a

Spirit Worker


With the Premier Coach for Spirit Workers

Michelle Barr

Hi! I’m Michelle Barr.

I am so glad you’re here and excited for what that means for you, for those you are meant to serve, and for the world. You are being offered this opportunity to show up in the world with your sacred work and your unique message, positioned, in your power, and living your purpose much more fully. Imagine the impact you can make on the lives of others and in your own life when it all comes together.

After transforming myself first from a struggling Therapist, then from a Spiritual Entrepreneur with a very expensive hobby, having never made $50,000 a year in my life, I discovered the healing and transformation that can come from coaching, and I built a thriving global Spiritual Business as a Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and Spiritual Leader. I now have a profitable and sustainable multi six-figure business and the Time Freedom and Money Freedom to have the Spiritual Journey of my dreams. I am about to celebrate my business’s 14th Anniversary, and I have not had a job since 2006.

I know from my own experiences and through coaching hundreds of Clients that it is POSSIBLE to make money doing what you love and what you are made to do, serve others as you are called to do, and live the life of your dreams.


A big part of my Purpose and Mission is to serve you in yours, and I have dedicated my time, energy, and resources to doing just that, helping you turn your life’s calling into a profitable business you love that supports and sustains the life you want to live.

I work with my clients and my community intuitively, energetically, and strategically, using Spiritual principles, solid business strategies, a success mindset, energy medicine, and all my Spiritual gifts as a Psychic, Medium, Master Healer, and Divine Channel.

Spiritual Coach School combines all my foundational teachings, all my powerfully practical and Spiritually rich tools for healing and transformation, and all the proven business strategies that work especially well for Spirit Workers building Spiritual Businesses.

My work takes a 3-pronged approach to ensure your maximum success:


Practice and Master Your Craft


Grow and Develop Personally and Spiritually to Become Who You Are


Build a Profitable and Sustainable Spiritual Business That Supports and Sustains the Life You Want to Live

Take a look at all that is available to you from my 14 years of personal and professional growth, development, training, and experience, and all that I have created for you for nearly a decade and a half, and I’ll see YOU in Spiritual Coach School.

Love and Fire,






Spiritual Coach School is the place for Spiritual Coaches, Spiritual Teachers, Spiritual Healers, and Spiritual Leaders to Train, to Grow, to Prosper.


Spiritual Coach School is the ultimate training program for Spirit Workers in the Intuitive and Healing Arts who are called to show up bigger in the world with their message, live their Higher Purpose, create a life they love and a business that supports and sustains that, and have the Spiritual Journey of their dreams.

You're Here To Become the Highest and Best Version of You.


Get ready to feel Spiritually connected like never before as you align more fully with what you are made to do and who you are called to be as you build and grow your Spiritual Business.

Skip the stress of figuring everything out for yourself. 

In Spiritual Coach School, I am available to you as your Spiritual Advisor, Intuitive Guide, Healing Support, Spiritual Business Coach, Mindset Mentor, and Spiritual Teacher and Leader, and I have brought together a supportive and empowering community for you to grow and rise with. Spiritual Coach School gives you all you need to fulfill your purpose both personally and professionally. 

You will receive in-depth business training modules and in-depth training to Become A Spiritual Coach, with the opportunity for certification, plus bonus resources and exclusive content to support and guide you in every area of your journey.

This is a Spiritual Journey you are on, and I understand fully all that you need to step into this next level of your Spiritual Evolution. 

Completing this program provides you with the opportunity to be certified by Michelle and the Barr Institute of the Intuitive and Healing Arts as a Spiritual Coach and promoted by her through her website and a social media interview. 

See everything that is included in this program below.


A 6 Month Training Program with Everything You Need to Begin Or Uplevel Your Spiritual Coaching Business


Twice Monthly Live Group Calls with Michelle

7 "Become A Spiritual Coach" Training Modules

Recordings of Live Labs Working Directly with Clients

12 Spiritual Business Training Modules

Training Manual with Course Transcripts & Supplemental Material

The Spirit Workers Collective Private Facebook Group




Drop Your Money Story & Fund the Life of Your Dreams (a 5-week workshop)

AND! New Money Vibration 30-Day Journey

One of Michelle’s biggest challenges the first few years of her business and throughout her life before she was in business for herself was getting right with her money and getting right with herself around Money, Business, and Spirituality.

This has become a Platform for her that has had her traveling and speaking with her bestselling books about her body of work and her own personal experiences.

This is an important part of her curriculum and something she spends time and energy with you on throughout your time together.

Real Results

“Excellent teacher and coach. I have moved into action as a result of working with Michelle.

So many wonderful things have come to me by following what she taught me.”
-Tarsha Johnson-Calhoun


Are you ready for a Metaphysical Upgrade that will bless every area of your life?

This is Mystery School Teachings Michelle has immersed herself in for the past 33 years interwoven in Business Training. This is Energy Medicine Michelle has trained in and used with her clients for the past 14 years we are working with, that you will use for yourself then turn around and use for your clients over and over again.

This unique combination brings you the Highest Healing, Transformation, and Sacred Success available to you.

This is beyond just doing; this is integrated living and being, and Michelle is a Master at helping Spirit Workers in the BECOMING. She has processes that Activate, Anoint, Clear the Vessel, and Expand you into new possibilities and Higher Purpose Living. Michelle goes beyond working with you in your third-dimensional reality and works with you in The Field, as well. With her, you will take a deep dive into Sacred Tools and Practices that create practical results for you today. She works Psychically, Mediumistically, uses Energy Healing and Multi-Dimensional Healing, and works in the Akashic Records. She is trained in Human Design and the Gene Keys, Ancestral Lineage and Generational Systemic Work, Advanced Ho’oponopono, and Zero Limits Living.

You have knowledge and wisdom to share.

You receive only what you are ready to receive.

When you are in the flow of Divine Abundance, you have an Abundant Mindset that attracts opportunities to you.

Your Life Purpose is fully supported by the Universe.

Recognize your Divine Birthright.

In this Higher State, you can create everything you can imagine for the Highest Good of All. (Hint: It always includes YOU!)

Go forth and build.

Your Training Modules Include:


Your complete Spiritual Business Startup Curriculum!

Michelle Barr’s proven curriculum guides you step-by-step through the entire process of starting and growing your business.

Wherever you are with your business, you will learn how to build the structure and foundation, the well-oiled machine, that Michelle built a decade ago and has never had to build again. She has just kept building on it.

Learn how to package, price, and promote your gifts, skills, and abilities. Understand how to charge what you are worth and work through whatever is in the way of that. Develop a clear message and a clear offer that you can sell and deliver right now.

Discover how to speak for your business both online and offline. Find out how to use social media in the most effective ways to bring in the clients and income consistently and organically.

Go at your own pace with ongoing access to all the trainings, so you can go directly to what you need when you need it.

MODULE 1: How to Sell Healing and Transformation using The Magic Container

Move from a struggling Practitioner to a thriving Spiritual Coach using this proven model of packaging all your Spiritual Gifts and becoming a sought-after Expert Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Healer, and Spiritual Leader. Begin implementing what you learn in just this first Module, and you can transform your business in the next 90 days, or start the business you have been desiring to have.


-Learn the Formula that sets you free from the time for dollars model and allows you to create a profitable and sustainable business

-Explore what makes up your Personal Brand and discover how to build a Personality Branded Business

-Understand the well-oiled machine that puts all the pieces together to work for you in the most effective way

-Discover what you need to know to create your Private Coaching program

Module 2: The Energetics and the Money Mindset of Selling Yourself

The minute you create your clear message and your clear offer, the clients can start showing up, and you want to be ready to receive them and the money they bring you to work with them. This often requires that you work with your own money “stuff” that comes up and develop a new money mindset and vibration. The good news is, Michelle is an expert at the intersection of Spirituality, Business, and Money, and what she teaches you will continue to serve you now and as you grow and evolve both personally and professionally.


-Understand how your money mindset affects your results and what to do to change it

-Explore the energetics of packaging, pricing, and promoting your offers

-Begin Michelle’s New Money Vibration 30-Day Journey

-Start Michelle’s Drop Your Money Story and Fund the Life of Your Dreams process

-Learn about the different ways you can structure your Private Coaching Program and all your other offers to best support you

-Discover what you need to know about selling your Private Coaching Program

-Receive a sample contract you can use along with the process for onboarding your new client

Module 3: Promote Your Spiritual Business So Your Ideal Clients Come to You

A key component of a profitable and sustainable Spiritual Business is to learn how to package, price, and promote your 1:1 Private Coaching services. Once you can master this, you can use it over and over again, tailor made at any time to the needs and desires not only of your business but also of your life. Michelle begins with having you create a vision of the life you want to live and then create a business that supports and sustains that. She teaches you her formula for success that has helped her create a profitable and sustainable business that has grown and evolved into a profitable and sustainable global business for over a decade.


-Learn what not to do when talking about your business to your prospective clients and community

-Discover how to speak for your business so that your clients come running toward you with their hands raised

-Start Michelle’s 21-Day Soul Brand Solution Kickstarter Facebook Posting Guide with one thing you can learn and do each day; create actual deliverables to use now

-Build Your Facebook Presence and Platform with a step-by-step Facebook Training Michelle created with a screen share to walk you through all the key components

-Receive extra bonus content from Michelle’s Speak for Your Business Training

-Start selling your new Private Coaching Program now

Module 4: Connect with and Embody Your Clear Message

Michelle guides you through the process she uses with her clients to uncover the unique message that is already inside of them through a series of exercises that help you create clarity and focus for yourself and your clients. It’s a two-way street; your clients need to be clear on how you can best help them, and you need to be clear about what you can do for them so you can take your clear message out with your clear offer and start seeing your clients step in to work with you.


-Work on your clear message and the ways to deliver it to your clients and speak about it both online and offline

-Put it all together; the building, pricing, and promoting of your clear offer combined with your clear message to create the clear path that starts bringing you results

-Focus on clearing whatever is in the way

-Understand how to use your inspiration and match it with the right strategies for you at any time

-Learn all you need to know about proprietary systems, processes, and tools that you will create as your work reveals itself to you at a deeper level

-Begin creating your online presence and platform

Module 5: Create Your 90-Day Valuable Content Plan

One stumbling block people bump up against early on once they cover the basics you have just been given is what to start putting out on social media. Michelle has built her business organically and gets most of her clients through her social media, primarily Facebook. It is a major part of the well-oiled machine she is teaching you to build that, once built, will serve you forever. She lays out for you very clearly a plan for your first 90 days of launching yourself and your Spiritual Business out into the world and the marketplace. You will have step-by-step guidance and a plan the produces results. 


-Dive into Michelle’s 21-Day Soul Brand Solution Kickstarter Facebook Posting Guide and follow each day’s prompt that will help you create actual deliverables and use them now

-Learn how to work on the energy and mindset you need as you start to grow and expand

-Create your 90-Day Valuable Content Plan

-Launch yourself and your Spiritual Business into the marketplace

Module 6: Become A Spiritual Coach

Becoming a Spiritual Coach is the umbrella that allows you to bring all your gifts, skills, and abilities to the table and serve with all of them as they are needed. It creates the opportunity for you to start working with clients now. Michelle shows you how you can take what you already have and are, sell it today, and deliver it tomorrow. Once she shifted into being a Spiritual Coach and built a Personality Brand, her income doubled in less than a year, and so did her impact.


-Discover how to become a Spiritual Coach to serve at your highest and best for the highest and best of both you and your clients

-Learn how to deepen your work with your clients as their Spiritual Coach

-Understand the energetics and dynamics that come up as you are working with your clients in their healing and transformation

-Explore how using your Spiritual gifts and learning coaching skills and concepts is such a powerful and winning combination for you and your clients

-Gain an introduction to Spiritual Coaching that leads you into the Become A Spiritual Coach curriculum

Module 7: Be In Business and Create Profitability and Sustainability

Now that you are in business and getting out into the world with your message and your offer, you will start bumping up against some practical things that bring questions and can sometimes cause frustration or overwhelm. Michelle breaks these down for you and helps you navigate your way through all the moving parts. It’s time to learn how to set some clear goals that support you in getting the results you desire and to use focus in manifesting the business and life of your dreams. Challenges show up both internally and externally at this stage of the game, and nothing is off-limits for Michelle to help you handle. 


-Learn how to read the feedback from the Universe and use it as a tool for your Transformation

-Understand what is going on inside you and in your world as you build your Spiritual Business and do your work

-Explore setting your money goals and how to work with them

-Discover how to bring other offers in that work along with your Private Coaching package

-Work on how to hold the energy when you start working with more Private Clients

-Begin recognizing the challenges that come along with building and growing your business and learn how to navigate them successfully

-Be trained about the details of operating your business and the everyday practicalities

Develop Focus to create stronger results

Module 8: Navigating Sales Conversations, Potential Client Objections, and Fine Tuning a Business You Can Love

It’s time to start building a rhythm for yourself in building and growing your Spiritual Business, to recognize where you are aligned, and to continue to work on your own personal and Spiritual growth and development. Michelle will talk with you about how to truly create a business that supports and sustains the life you want to be living at every stage of the journey. Michelle will dive deeper with you into having Sales Conversations with your potential clients and how to work with their objections and provide you with some next-level strategies for you to add to your toolbox. 


-Take some time to recognize and celebrate your WINS

-Explore what you have learned up to this point to get clear on where you are and where you want to be

-Learn more about having Sales Conversations that bring you new clients and income

-Develop the ability to understand and work with the objections your potential clients are giving you

-Understand other strategies for filling your programs

-Discover a Fourth Quarter strategy to plan and implement that will set you up for success every year

-Consider Divine Tools that can help you become who you are

-Begin to fine-tune the business you are creating to allow you to live the life you want to be living

Module 9: Proven Organic Strategies to Grow Your Spiritual Business

Move now to a bigger and broader view of this business you are building or growing. Your business needs a “well-oiled machine” approach, and here is where you start making sense of all the moving parts. Your business takes on an energy and a personality, and you are guided in how to best understand this and create it. These are the things you want to put into place to ensure that your business is around for many years and supports you every step of the way.


-Understand this business you are creating is a Lifestyle Business that is integral in your marketing

-Learn more about the value of attracting clients organically both for immediate and long-term results

-Discover other proven strategies that will help you to build your Personality Brand and a community of potential clients

-Begin Building an Email List or grow an existing one

-Find out what your website really needs

-Develop the understanding to deal with your doubts

-Explore how to navigate the Spiritual Journey you are on building your Spiritual Business

Module 10: Facebook and Other Power Tools to Uplevel Your Success

With all that you have created now and all that you have learned, it’s time to really put the tools available to you to use to bring in clients and income and build and grow your online presence and platform. You will also begin to see how you can move from serving your clients 1:1 to serving people in groups, both large and small. Your Signature Talk is key to being consistent when getting in front of your potential clients. Now is the time to talk about your website, too, and determine if it is set up to do its job.


-Learn how to create content that you will use over and over again

-Understand how Facebook is Your Power Tool

-Explore all the different things available to you to use within Facebook and how they all work together

-Find out how to move from serving 1:1 to serving people in groups

-Create your first Signature Talk

-Discover what you need to know to make the most out of your online presence

-Begin paying more attention to your money to increase it

-Consider what happens when it’s time for an uplevel

-Gain an understanding of the purposes of your website

Module 11: Your Prosperous Platform

What you are building now will be of great value to you for the life of your business and beyond. You will begin to see how to build your own online presence and Prosperous Platform and how important it is to protect it. You are being taught to build a strong Personality Brand and develop it to grow and evolve with you. Growing and evolving extends from your business into your life, and working with and activating the Laws of the Universe and the Principles of Manifesting will help you create results more quickly and with much greater ease. 


-Understand how to build Your Prosperous Platform

-Learn more about building and growing your Brand

-Find and focus on your message and what is yours to talk about

-Explore Universal Law and the Principles of Manifesting as they relate to your business

-Discover the dynamics of your energy and the energy of your clients playing out in your working relationship and how to deal with them

-Hear some of Michelle’s Powerful Personal Stories about how this has played out in her life and her business

Module 12: Next-Step and Advanced Strategies to Move You Forward

You and your business will grow and evolve as you are in business, doing your work in the world, serving clients, and building and growing a community. The pace of this is determined by you, and there are proven strategies every step of the way. You will begin to see that all you are doing now and in the next few months will lead to learning that you will turn around and share with others once you have walked through your own fires, figured it out, and gotten on the other side of it.


-Explore where you are and where you are going and the next steps to get you there

-Learn about next-step and advanced strategies to use when you are ready for them

-Understand how to grow your influence and impact to create increased income

-Discover business building strategies to use both online and offline

Become A Spiritual Coach Training and Certification Program

Learn how to take all that you do and package it to serve your Private Clients at the highest level through Spiritual Coaching.

Michelle teaches you how to take your business and your work beyond the single session and the dollars for minutes model.

Her proven approach works well for Spirit Workers and changes the game dramatically in the money they are able to make. This approach took Michelle to a full time profitable and sustainable business and has done the same for her clients.

Michelle trains you in the art of Coaching and then teaches you how to turn it into a thriving business. Learn to incorporate her expert methods honed over a decade of transformational coaching into your own unique style and brand. 

Module 1: You as a Spiritual Coach

This introduction to Spiritual Coaching will help you better understand what it is and how it is a fit for you and your Spiritual gifts, skills, and abilities. All your beginning questions will be answered, so that you can begin moving forward in both the doing and the being. You will be provided with teachings and trainings that are both practical and deep. All of this to help you Become A Spiritual Coach.


-Understand what Spiritual Coaching is and is not

-Learn exactly what to do when you get that first client and every client after that

-Discover yourself in the process of Becoming a Spiritual Coach

-Gain the Clarity and Confidence you need to do this work

-Find out more about the structures and foundation you want to put into place

-Be activated into a new level of expansion in using your gifts to help others

-Explore how your own journey becomes how you build your business

-Consider the true value you bring to your clients as a Spiritual Coach so that you understand how to charge for it

-Uncover what you already have that your clients are looking for right now

-Create your first tool you can give to your clients to help them in their journey with you

Module 2: Your Work as a Spiritual Coach

Take a deep dive into the content of the work you will be doing with your clients as their Spiritual Coach. Here you will learn more about how to create your own Magic Container and what you will be doing with your clients inside it.


-Receive tools from Michelle that she uses with her clients to help them heal and transform

-Explore what tools you can create for your clients after you begin working with them and how to do that

-Experience Energetic Transmissions created for you on this journey

-Understand how to pull from you what you have to offer and how to translate that into transformational work with your clients

-Create a Spiritual Coaching Package that you can use to create a profitable and sustainable business

-Learn how to package your own Magic Container to offer to your clients

-Discover the Energy Work you are doing with your clients as their Spiritual Coach

-Find out more about the Spiritual Coach Certification that is offered with this program

Module 3: Your Tools as a Spiritual Coach

Everything you need to do your work as a Spiritual Coach is already inside of you, and you will learn how to create the tools your clients need once you begin working with them. You will gain a better understanding of how and why being a Spiritual Coach is such a powerful way to serve.


-Learn how to use your unique message to get in front of more of your ideal clients

-Discover how you can expand into being a Spiritual Coach and a Spiritual Teacher

-Experience how to connect with Source and your Highest and Best Self quickly

-Connect to your I AM

-Receive techniques from Michelle that she uses with her clients to help them with their healing and transformation

-Find out how to manage your time and energy and that of your client during your sessions

-Explore different ways you can structure your work with your clients

-Receive guidance on working with your clients intuitively, energetically, and strategically

-Understand how to work with Spirit and your client to form this three-fold relationship that creates the healing and transformation

Module 4: Your Presence as a Spiritual Coach

It’s time to start talking about who you are and what you do for the people you help with their healing and transformation. You are ready to both attend to the practical pieces of getting yourself out there and the deeper understanding of this work you are doing with them once they show up.

-Create your Bio as a Spiritual Coach

-Choose your Headshot or schedule a photo shoot

-Update your online Presence and Platform

-Learn how to work with the client’s Desire and Inspiration

-Understand what is happening energetically inside the container that creates the change

-Receive Michelle’s M.O.V.E. Formula for moving forward in any area of your life

-Explore how to help your clients get centered, clear, grounded, and focused

-Discover some of the most important skills for you to bring into your coaching

-Distinguish what a Coach does that goes beyond Healing

-Find out what you need to be aware of around Boundaries in doing this work

Module 5: Using Your Gifts as a Spiritual Coach

As a Spiritual Coach, you will create a brand around your own Expertise and develop your own body of work that grows out of working with your clients. You will develop the skills you need to work with your clients as their Coach, and bring all of your unique Spiritual gifts to the table for them.


-Explore how to fully be you and bring more of you into your work and your brand

-Consider saying yes to the opportunities that Spirit sends your way

-Find out all the ways you can be showcased as a Spiritual Coach

-Understand what is available to you as you choose to be a Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Healer, and Spiritual Leader

-Learn more about creating your own body of work

-Discover what it means to build a Personality Brand and brand you

-Receive insight about working with your client’s confusion

-Learn how to confront your clients as their Coach

-Find out how to weave your Spiritual gifts into your work with your clients

Module 6: Bringing Everything to the Table as a Spiritual Coach

The work you do with your clients as a Spiritual Coach is deep and very healing and transformational. You are facilitating helping them clear, heal, and resolve all that is in their way of all that they Desire. Learn from Michelle about this deep work you will do in the container with your clients and how to navigate it for them and for you. 


-Understand the multi-faceted nature of working with a client

-Draw from your own life experiences and challenges to serve your clients from the other side of it

-Identify where your life experiences blend with your gifts, skills, and abilities to create your unique position as a Spiritual Coach

-Find out how to be aware of and manage your own energy when working with your clients

-Receive teachings around core issues, unhealthy patterns, limiting beliefs, and how to work with what needs to be cleared, healed, and resolved

-Explore how to bring Spiritual principles and Universal Law into your work

-Gain understanding through a deep dive into core issue transformation

-Consider a variety of examples Michelle offers you of the psychodynamics that can be present

Module 7: Showing Up as a Spiritual Coach

Show up and trust that you have everything you need in that moment to be a Spiritual Coach and work with the clients who seek you out to help them. They could not show up if they were not a match to you. It’s time to Be the Spiritual Coach and do the Healing and Transformational work that will change your client’s lives. And don’t be surprised when your own life is changed in amazing ways in the process.


-Understand that you are ready, and the rest is the Journey that can only be taken as you engage with the clients as their Spiritual Coach and get paid for it

-Find out the positive things you can help your clients become aware of

-Learn to recognize and interpret the feedback from the Universe

-Discover the ways you can help your clients move forward

-Distinguish between your Soul and your Ego in receiving guidance

-Explore how to work with your clients on where they stop and learn to coach them through it

-Gain a deeper understanding of working with your mindset and that of your clients

-Receive teachings on the ways you receive information and use that for yourself and your clients

-Learn more about Ancient Wisdom and its modern-day teachings

-Recognize how to position yourself as the Spiritual Coach who can support and guide others

-Be activated into your full power and presence as the Spiritual Coach you are

-Gain understanding through a deep dive into core issue transformation

-Consider a variety of examples Michelle offers you of the psychodynamics that can be present

Also Included


Your Kindred Community Is Here!

These are the people you will journey with and grow with. They become your friends, colleagues, peers, collaborative partners, and the empowering support you have been looking for.

This is Spiritual Coach School, a mastermind approach and training academy all in one, that operates on the principle that when a group like this gathers, a “Third Mind” is created that is very powerful for all who are a part of it.

An energy is created in the container. All rise up together. What is available to one becomes available to each one.

Come into the Facebook Group any time to connect, to share, to cheer others on, to find resources, and to get your questions answered now by Michelle and her Team. Michelle will pop in with messages to lift you up and keep you going, moving forward into your next level of sacred success. Michelle has many extras to give you from her many years of working with her clients, and she will deliver – meditations, templates, teachings, trainings, videos, audios, working documents, and more.


Michelle, I find there is something so neat energetically that happens when you talk or coach people. It’s like energetically you talk to the deep me, not the mind me, and it’s really interesting to see and feel how in a really subtle but powerful way it supports you to shift your story.

-Tara Preston



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I live my life as a Spiritual Journey, fully integrating both my personal and professional life. My highest values are:



Serving at My Highest and Best for Your Highest and Best.

I’m committed to living INTUITIVE AND FREE and helping you do the same.

My Message To You: BE ALL OF YOU. Show up as ALL of YOU.

Commit to your spiritual and personal growth and development and then build your dream business and dream life. This is what I have done and what I help others do as my passion and purpose.

This is an answer to what you’ve been asking for.

How will you respond?


At the Barr Institute for the Intuitive and Healing Arts, we are here to heal the world and create positive change. We know that begins with and is fueled by our own Spiritual and Personal Growth Journey.

Transformed People Transform People.

The most powerful and immediate way we can carry out our mission is to empower you and equip you to carry out yours. We believe that Spirit does not call the equipped, Spirit equips the called. We have been equipped to support and guide you in your own discovery and process as Spirit works with you and for you throughout all of your life to equip you for the work you are meant to do.

Everything You Need
to Become All That You Are Capable Of Being

Spiritual Coach School is designed to be the solution you are seeking to help you grow into your gifts and to create the life you desire and deserve, working with you at every level, in all areas and aspects of your life and your journey, both personally and professionally.

Michelle Barr is calling in a passionate group of students and seekers to take into her counsel and work directly with each one of them for 6 months to help reveal their life’s purpose and their true life’s work, support them in building the skills they need to carry it out, provide them with the full range of knowledge and wisdom necessary to guide them in sharing their gifts with the world and walk with them through the healing of all that comes up and has been standing in their way. We know that what you think is in the way is THE WAY, and Michelle is in her full genius in helping you navigate this and emerge strong and ready to evolve and excel.

This is an intimate, powerful, transformative program. If you would like to spend the next 6 months of your life overcoming your past, stepping into your future, and into your best self, your highest expression, and your life’s work and life’s purpose, act now. 

  • Discover Your Life’s Purpose and Your Life’s Work
  • Gather Techniques and Tools along with Spiritual Practices You Can Use Over and Over Again
  • Tap Into Your Greatest Spiritual Gifts and Abilities
  • Uncover and Clear, Heal, and Resolve What Is Getting In Your Way
  • Receive Energy Healing Training using both Ancient and Modern Energy Healing Tools and Techniques Michelle Has Been Trained In and Mastered
  • Learn Michelle’s Mystery School Teachings on Universal Law, Spiritual Principles, Manifesting, and more…