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What Others Are Saying About Michelle:

"Michelle Barr is an absolute professional

and a joy to work with and know. She is authentic and passionate about her work and it comes through to her clients with her coaching and teaching. Michelle is also a confident and professional speaker who commands the attention of her audience from the moment she begins to the very last word! I would highly recommend Michelle for speaking engagements, coaching, or guidance endeavors!”

DeDe Murcer Moffett, CEO Founder, RD2 Moffett Productions, Inc.

"Michelle is an articulate speaker

 who is able to craft her presentations to the specific needs and interests of those in the room. As a teacher who reaches people from the heart, Michelle gets right to what truly matters. She gives practical content and urges us all to Master the Art of Taking Action. I would recommend Michelle Barr to any group looking to inspire, motivate and put people into action.”

Anne Kjellgren, Authentic U

"Michelle is a joy to listen to.

Her style and approach don’t get in the way of her message, which is always clear and easy to apply to my life. She is funny, relate-able, warm and to the point. I always look forward to hearing her speak so I can be inspired to take action.”

Mike Couture, Thrive Community”

“Michelle is such a dynamic speaker.

She is clearly knowledgeable with a commanding presence yet, at the same time, she is so accessible and relatable. She is able to explain even complex concepts in a way that makes them so understandable and doable. On top of all that, she has such a gracious and compassionate nature that is warm and welcoming. It is a true joy to watch her speak.”

Nancy Cecco, Retreats for the Inspired Woman

"Michelle is an entertaining and qualified speaker.

Her knowledge is from first-hand experience. Those who hear her talk benefit from all that she has learned from personal situations and circumstances. The woman walks the walk and practices what she preaches.”

Amy Egan, Life and Parenting Coach

"Michelle Barr was an amazing guest

on my program The Ripple Effect. She was dynamic, articulate and had an interesting spin on business coaching. Michelle is a seasoned media expert and would be a solid guest for any media platform in radio or television.”

Kristen White, Host of “The Ripple Effect” TV Show